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Jennifer Onyebuagu: Deal maker, serial intrapreneur

Jennifer Onyebuagu

Jennifer Onyebuagu is the chief commercial officer (CCO) at Voriancorelli, an agritech matching company that leverages technology to transform Africa’s agricultural sector. She is a business development manager and sales professional with over 10 years specialised experience growing and managing businesses. Onyebuagu possesses interdisciplinary experience, having worked in the financial, technology, network marketing, and agriculture […] Read Full Story

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Balogun Oluwabunmi: Entrepreneur using AI to redefine Africa’s marketing space

Nigeria’s tech start-ups have shown great strength amid the Covid-19 pandemic as they became increasingly instrumental as most businesses shifted their processes online. Among these tech start-ups ensuring that businesses easily transit to the new normal is Balogun Oluwabunmi, co-founder of Skyfire Digital. Balogun who cofounded the business with Adeshina Adewumi is using Artificial Intelligence […] Read Full Story

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Pentacept Enterprise organizes digital marketing training for entrepreneurs

Pentacept Enterprise

Pentacept Enterprise, a top marketing firm is set to organise a boot camp and training for entrepreneurs and individuals in media buying and digital marketing. The training programme will provide entrepreneurs and media enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about creating and sustaining advert content on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook among others. It will […] Read Full Story

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Nigeria’s drag on US fish export ban questions FG’s diversification plan

Nigeria’s continuous failure to provide the United States with its Self Reporting Tool (SRT) requirement for smoked catfish (silurifomes) in three years questions the Federal Government’s diversification plan. Since 2017 Nigerian government’s tardiness in providing the STR document forced the US to place a ban on catfish export from Nigeria in March 2018. Over three […] Read Full Story