Al Khan Beach-some of the interesting activities


It is Situated in the Al Khan neighborhood near Sharjah city, this sea shore is a 600-meter portion of sand with committed territory for swimming and water sports. Even for explorers, the surf school here has exercises like kayaking, parasailing, surfing and fly loading up. The individuals who favor a more loosened up experience can relax on the sand and appreciate Sharjah climate, swim in the water in the devoted swimming region, take a ride on a banana boat or play some sea shore volleyball. Lot of things are there to do within it.

Al Khan beach is one of the fastest spot to visit with Family and friends. let we talk about some of the interesting activities in the Al Khan beach.

When the Dubai beaches are the most famous out of the travellers. Of course, Sharjah beaches are alone beaches in the UAE for those who expects privacy.

Its a true statement that you will get fresh air and even Vitamin D, if you spent a day in Al Khan beach.

Activities found in Al Khan beach:


As it has the largest seashore, you can play in the sand and it became everyone’s best-loved beach in Sharjah. Volleyball and seashore tennis courts are the two principal sports offices. They are incredible for individuals who appreciate some sand between their toes as they increase the opposition and sea shore fun with their companions for a round or two of volleyball, tennis, and cleanser football match-ups.

Fun activities for children:

If you visit the beach with a family especially if you have kids, definitely they are going to enjoy playing in the messy mud. Not only kids even grown-ups also will love the same. There isn’t anything very like an exemplary action of building a sandcastle. For other exciting exercises on the seashore, permit your children to get imaginative with a round of ‘sand Pictionary’. This includes attracting an article to the sand and allowing others to think about what has been drawn. There are additionally various slides in a little jungle gym for youngsters at this seashore in Al Khan beach.

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Water activities:

You can imagine when it comes to water activities, there is no other best enjoyment like playing with waves though the sea water is salt. In the event that you are feeling more bold, there are a great deal of attractions you can investigate at Al Khan sea shore such as,

  1. Swimming
  2. Kayaking
  3. Kite surfing
  4. Parasailing
  5. Banana boat ride
  6. Flyboarding

This kind of activities especially packed for sportspersons. You need to believe one thing that this is the best beach for those who love to exploit and some exciting fun in the water.

Float through the waters on this famous kayaking spot or enjoy a scope of mechanized exercises to voyage along Sharjah’s western coastline.

Shouting to every one of the individuals who ache for some adrenaline surge, stream skiing in Al Khan sea shore is additionally viewed as quite possibly the most challenging sea shore exercises in the district.

In any case, to amplify the security of the sea shore attendees, a salvage community and a few lifeguard watches have been set up at the sea shore.

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Otherwise called an ideal surf detect, this sea shore in Sharjah is often visited by the individuals who need to get the hang of surfing and hit the waves.

In the event that you need rentals for your sea shore sports action, you can get them from the G20 Beach Sports shop that is strategically placed on the sea shore.

Meal on sea shore:

In case if you planned to stay for the whole night on the beach, you can carry meals. Even there are many cafés, eatery, etc. However, when you carry your own meal, sit and enjoy with waves gives you a special feel.

Simply on a five-minute walk, a fish café called Sammach serves marvelous luxuries, for example, shellfish chowder, disintegrated calamari, hammour sayadieh, lobster thermidor, and so on The normal cost for two people is AED 240 at Sammach.

A best beach-view library:

Al khan beach act as the best seaside library. It does not mean the beach is for only playing, eating, and spending time for entertainment. Even book lovers can spend their reading time in the beach.

Upheld by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), this versatile sea shore library is a piece of the primary period of the Sharjah Global Book Capital 2019 activity that welcomes beachgoers to investigate the interesting universe of perusing.

During its dispatch, the library at Al Khan Sharjah Beach flaunted in excess of 100 titles in different dialects. It presently has a bigger and more great assortment of books and books that cover different points while obliging various interests and age gatherings. Still there are many more to enjoy.

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Facilities at Al Khan beach:

Of course, the other facilities are like toilets, fitting room and bath rooms in the Al Khan beach

Guests can likewise lease sea shore towels, hammocks and sea shore umbrellas that will come helpful for swimmers and sun-bathers.

Apart from these two Mosques are there . One is Al Khan Mosque near the Sharjah Aquarium and the other is Suhail Ibn Dabbas Mosque at the southern end.

Guests can utilize one of the two alternatives for stopping at Al Khan Beach. They can stop for nothing outside the seashore premises. Be that as it may, during top hours when discovering a parking spot is an issue, they can pick to leave their vehicles inside the premises by paying a specific leaving expense.

The passage is totally free. The most ideal approach to get to Al Khan Beach is to drive via vehicle or any private transportation on the grounds that no open vehicle administration obliges that region.

When you can visit Al Khan beach?

Al Khan Beach is open for guests from dawn till nightfall.

Albeit the sea shore is available to them consistently, the greatest days to visit for families is Friday and Saturday.

This is on the grounds that singletons are avoided from entering Al Khan Beach throughout the ends of the week.

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