Sunset in Dubai-The most beautiful and stunning spots


“May every sunrise hold more promise and every sunset hold more peace.”

 – Umair Siddiqui

Before we discuss beautiful sunset in Dubai, we will take a quick view about Sunset is generally called as the sun is going down or disappearing on the west side. The color of sunset would be in the blend of deep orange and light yellowish. The hour of sunset differs consistently and is dictated by the watcher’s situation on Earth. In general, the sunset happens around 6 pm. You have a quite few stunning spots of sunset in Dubai. Of course, you may wonder why because in few spots you no need to pay a single penny to enjoy the view of an amazing sunset. Let’s take a look at it all.

1: Burj Khalifa observation deck

Burj Khalifa observation deck

Have you ever experienced the view of the sunset from the sky? Here you can and you know very well that you are going to see the sunset from the world’s tallest building. You will really feel that this is the most beautiful sunset in Dubai. Moreover, when you look at the sunset from the Observation deck, you can go a bundle on the 360-degree perspective of Dubai. If you get an opportunity, we recommend you must visit this place. However, you should also know that the cost will be high in Burj Khalifa during peak hours.

2: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach

This is also one of the best places for Sunset in Dubai. It is otherwise known as Umm Suqeim beach. The specialty of this place is you can enjoy the sunset along with the coast. Now you can imagine for a moment how wonderful it is. You will also find a restaurant in it. This place is well-known for Surfing and Fishing. Take a long walk with your beloved one along the coast side. Even it’s recommended to visit with the family.

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3: Out in the desert

sunset out in desert
sunset out in desert

Sunset along with the Desert, what a beautiful combo! Yes, when the sun goes down, you can feel a stunning golden-colored sky in the evening. Here you can even avail yourself of Camel riding. You can also enjoy yourself with your beloved one by joining hands together and walk for a long.

4: Sunset Cruise

Sunset Cruise

This would be a quite unique spot of Sunset in Dubai. And this is a good option too. You can sit and have a cup of coffee with your soulmate. This is a quite luxurious spot. When the other zones help you to view the sunset, yachts will take you along the tourist spots of the city at nightfall. Appreciate the excellence from the solace of an extravagance yacht.

5: Deira Creek

Deira Creek

It was built in 1961 which is one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. This trademark stream parcels old Dubai into two—Deira and Bur Dubai. Obviously, you will wonder with the amazing sunset on top of the Creek, eye-catching progress Dhows, and hurry-bury dealing of the vendor. This would be a bit crowded spots of Sunset in Dubai.

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6: Palm Jumeriah:

Palm Jumeriah

It is one of the Largest man-made Fantasy islands which has lavish retreats, manors, lodgings, and amusement parks. Dubai is popular for its construction, Luxurious hotels and skyscrapers. You can go closer to Atlantis to enjoy the awesome and stunning sunset and this is one of the wonderful Sunset in Dubai. You will also feel the natural air and chill light air in the evening.

7: Marina walk

Marina walk

It is a beautiful seafront unnatural waterway city. During sunset, the sunlight will reflect in the crystal clear water like pieces of jewelry put in the water. And this is the most famous to enjoy the sunset in Dubai. The evening is the fair time to walk along in the Marina. Even you can see a lavish sailboat on the seashore. It is exceptionally built to see the splendid view of Sunset in Dubai. Let’s see other entertainment activities about Marina walk.

Cobblestone Boulevard

Cobblestone Boulevard

In Marina walk, this will be very crowded during weekends, especially Saturdays and Sundays. So recommended visiting during weekdays for complete entertainment. Though it’s crowded, it’s spacious. Hence they conduct public events within it.

The Covent Garden Market

The Covent Garden Market

This will be opened from October till April. This is a better substitute for posh trendy shopping malls. They sell high-quality gems, remarkable cleansers, privately made attire, and craftsman-made keepsakes. If you visit at the night, you may feel day during the night.

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8: Snoopy Island form Fujeriah

Snoopy Island

It is one of the most incredible sunset in Dubai. The view of the sunset would be like even a bright bluish cloud will turn into deep yellowish in the evening from the polite sea and its glorious.

9: Jebel Hafeet mountain

Jebel Hafeet mountain

This mountain is located on the border of UAE and Oman. This is a very subtle spot and you don’t anticipate seeing a mountain that high in the center of the desert. The view from the top is astounding and it surely worth a visit. A decent perspective and the winding streets are a treat for picture takers You can go there towards dusk with the goal that you will see both the daytime and when the night falls and after when it gets dull. This is the best mountain view of Sunset in Dubai

10: Bluewater Island

Bluewater Island

Sunset in Island is special and looks good too. This is an island where breaks into various regions across private, retail, relaxation and diversion, lodgings, and seashore clubs. The sunset is very special on this island. Because you can find an Ain Dubai in its background. This island is the heart of Caesar’s palace. Moreover you a find a wide range of deluxe hotels, resorts and banquet places. As it’s costly, you will have a classy feel and one of the best places to enjoy the Sunset in Dubai.

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