Belhaif Al-Nuaimi reviews adapting to the repercussions of climate change


His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, participated in the activities of the first regional dialogue on climate change organized and hosted by the UAE, in the presence of His Excellency John Kerry, the US Presidential Envoy for Climate Change.

His Excellency spoke in the session “Adaptation to the implications of climate change” within the dialogue activities, which dealt with the discussion on experiences and trends of adaptation to climate change, strategies for developing the agricultural sector in line with achieving adaptation to the repercussions of climate change, and directions for enhancing food security, with the participation of His Excellency Dr. Yasmine Fouad Minister of Environment in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In his speech during the session, His Excellency said: “The UAE, through its organization and hosting of the first regional climate change dialogue, is looking forward to strengthening the global pace of action for climate action, supporting regional efforts and helping the countries of the region to face this most dangerous challenge to the future of the planet,” noting that the participation His Excellency John Kerry, the US Presidential Envoy for Climate Change in the dialogue activities, enhances the capabilities of identifying future directions for global climate action, and preparing more effectively for the new session of the Conference of the States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate “COP26”.

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His Excellency added: “The challenges posed by climate change and the negative effects it creates have become clear to the international community as a whole, and the problem is that the severity of these effects is increasing at an accelerating pace, which requires accelerating global efforts to reduce the intensity of this change and enhance the capabilities to adapt to its repercussions to ensure a sustainable future.”

During the session, His Excellency reviewed the UAE’s efforts to enhance the capabilities of adapting to the repercussions of climate change, noting that the state, as part of its efforts to confront the challenge of climate change, adopted raising the ceiling of its nationally determined contributions, which included, in addition to directions and strategies, in reducing the causes of climate change, enhancing solutions and efforts to adapt Its repercussions, based on its keenness to protect all forms of life that these repercussions affect on its sustainability, and to ensure the enhancement of capabilities to continue development in accordance with environmentally friendly directions.

He added: “In this context, the state has adopted the National Adaptation Program, which aims to enhance the capabilities of all sectors to adapt to the repercussions of climate change, and comprehensive evaluation studies have been launched of the current and future impacts of these repercussions on the vital sectors in the country, including health, energy, infrastructure, environment, in addition to the insurance sector.” “, To determine the most important impacts of climate change on them and determine the most important measures that must be applied to enhance their adaptive capabilities, which will ensure a better future for current and future generations.

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He continued: “Enhancing adaptive capabilities is directly related to efforts to protect the environment and preserve its natural resources and biodiversity. In this context, the UAE has worked through an integrated system of legislation, programs and initiatives to enhance and enable this interdependence, including its adoption of climate solutions based on nature with its pledge to plant 30 million mangroves / Crimea / by 2030, which contributes to protecting coastal areas from rising sea levels, and increasing the capabilities of capturing and storing carbon.

His Excellency indicated that the UAE is always distinguished by working in a forward-looking manner to the future, and in its model to confront climate change and its repercussions, it has adopted a set of important future directions that support protecting the environment, reducing the causes of this change and enhancing capabilities to adapt to its repercussions, including the shift towards a green economy, and the adoption of the UAE economy policy The circular, expansion of the deployment and use of renewable energy solutions, in addition to adopting the concept of green recovery as a general direction for all sectors to ensure the achievement of recovery and economic growth, especially for the post-Corona phase, by relying on environmentally friendly solutions.

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On the axis of developing the agricultural sector and enhancing food security, His Excellency said that high temperatures represent one of the important effects of climate change on all regions of the world, including the Gulf region, so the UAE has worked to develop its agricultural system in line with this effect by adopting sustainable agriculture systems and expanding in Its use, including hydroponics, which contributes to reducing water consumption by up to 90%, as well as employing modern technologies and innovative solutions in promoting entrepreneurship in this type of modern agriculture.

His Excellency Dr. Belhaif Al-Nuaimi indicated that food security has always been one of the strategic priorities of the UAE, explaining that the effects of the pandemic of the spread of the Covid-19 virus have shed more light on this issue, especially with its impact on the efficiency and continuity of global supply chains, which it has dealt with. The UAE with high professionalism by expanding the base of food supply chains to ensure their flexibility and continuity, while ensuring the highest standards of food safety, and stimulating the expansion of modern agricultural projects that ensure increased productivity and efficiency.

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