World Autism Day: Expert calls for more awareness to improve diagnosis


World Autism Day: Expert calls for more awareness to improve diagnosis

By Oboh Linus

A doctor, Dr Osuagwu Magnus, has called for intensive awareness about autism, among healthcare professionals and the general public, in order to improve its diagnosis.

Magnus, Chief Consultant, Department of Family Medicine, Dalhatu Araf Specialized Hospital (DASH), Lafia, made the appeal during an interview with the Nigeria News Agency (NAN) on Friday in Lafia.

He explained that the appeal became necessary because many medical professionals were unaware of the disease.

He noted that since this was not a laboratory diagnostic condition, but a clinical observation, there was a need to increase awareness among healthcare workers about this condition, as well as the general public.

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Magnus described autism as a disease that cannot be cured for life, but one that could not be managed that therefore parents should try to get the most out of autistic people, giving them special attention rather than giving them up.

He pointed out that managing children with autism was difficult for parents, but could still be taken care of and most children with autism could do well in their various endeavors.

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While explaining that treatment for autism was unlike any other medical condition, he explained that it required some form of specialized treatment from a team of professionals, which would include a behavioral therapist, a speech therapist, among others. other.

“Parents who have autistic children shouldn’t blame themselves, they should instead try to make the most of them.

“A child with autism should not be abandoned, as the child gets older they tend to do better. The child will be able to do all of those things that he was unable to do before and his quality will improve, ”he said. (NOPE)

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