Boko Haram claims it shot down missing Nigerian Air Force jet


Boko Haram, Islamist insurgency has claimed the shooting down of a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) fighter jet in a video circulating on Friday, two days after the aircraft went missing in the country’s northeast.

In Boko Haram’s video, the wreckage of a plane were burned on the ground, the charred fuselage bearing the phrase “NAF 475.”

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A masked fighter stands atop the wreckage and identifies the plane as “jet fighter of the Nigerian Air Force 475”, the footage shows. Later, a mangled corpse is shown in military fatigues.

“As you can see, this is the pilot of your aircraft, whom you sent to harm the servant of god,” the fighter says. “This is what god did to him. He fell from the sky, and if you do not repent this will be your reward.”

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An air force spokesman said a statement would be issued soon.

In a statement earlier on Friday, the air force had said: “the Alpha Jet aircraft (NAF475) that went off the radar with two crew members on board on 31 March 2021 might have crashed. The cause of the crash as well as the whereabouts of the two pilots remain unknown.”


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