Anambra: Governorship aspirant cautions youth against electoral violence


Anambra: Governorship aspirant cautions youth against electoral violence

By Joy Mbachi

Mr. Godwin Ezeemo, candidate for governor for the November 6 elections in Anambra, urged young people to avoid being used to perpetrate electoral violence of any form in the country.

Ezeemo, who is aspiring to run for governor for the third time on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform, made the call during a press briefing in Awka on Friday.

The midshipman, who was reacting to the attack on former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor Charles Soludo, urged young people to see themselves as the future rulers of the state and the country.

Politics is not a do-or-die, he said, so young people should not allow themselves to be used to perpetrate election violence.

Ezeemo advised aspirants not to heat up the political regime but to conduct themselves in the most civilized manner, as one person would be the governor at the same time and sportsmanship should be the watchword.

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He described his thirst for state governance as a passion for the good of the state.

He revealed that he returned his expression of interest nomination form to the PDP National Secretariat in Abuja and hoped the party would give all aspirants a level playing field.

Ezeemo said he has a passion for fixing a lot of bad policies in the state and has been his driving force all three times he has hoped for the job.

He said he would work differently from the methodology applied by the former governors and that he believed his method would reduce crime and provide quality security through job creation.

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Ezeemo said he had created more than 500 jobs as a private individual and that he would do more to give back state resources to improve the lot of the masses.

He said that if young people get involved in a more remunerative way, it will go a long way in reducing crime and criminality in society.

Ezeemo said he had accumulated enough experience to rule Anambra from the western world where he had stayed for over 20 years and learned that job creation played a huge role in development.

“I have an antidote to reduce crime and other related vices in society, to stimulate the economy in all sectors and to produce energy to support industries and attract businesses,” he said. he declares.

He said he had lived among his people, adding that it gave him insight into the people’s most pressing needs and how to meet them.

“I am not a politician based abroad, I am a local,” he said.

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Ezeemo called on electoral arbitrators to create an environment conducive to the security and credibility of the elections.

He said if the PDP gave all contenders a level playing field during the primaries, they would support any candidate that emerges.

“I believe in people’s choice over personal interests,” he said.

Ezeemo urged delegates in the PDP primary elections to place the welfare of their children, the growth and development of the state above materialism and to avoid politicians who buy conscience. (NOPE)


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