Gold and silver for our Paralympic team in the 2021 Shooting World Cup in Al Ain


Contestants Muhammad Ali Al-Hashemi and Issa Aslam Al-Zubaidi added two new medals to the balance of our national paralympic shooting team with gold and silver in the mixed-category PT1 trail category wheelchair competition within the competitions of the Paralympic Shooting World Cup 2021 hosted by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in Al Ain. Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Zayed bin Sultan Foundation for Charitable and Humanitarian Works, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

The competition between the two champions witnessed an exciting competition that resulted in the two players being equal in the number of dishes they achieved with 31 injuries at the end of the competition, which required the arbitration energy to resort to a penalty shot to find the winner, during which the two champions were equal for the second time, and in the second penalty shootout, Muhammad al-Hashemi succeeded in hitting the plate. While his colleague Al-Zubaidi failed to hit the dish, Al-Hashemi won the gold medal and Issa Al-Zubaidi won the silver, amid greetings and applause from all the attendees, while the third place and the bronze medal went to Iranian Abdul Redha Tafalusikha with his 17th score.

In the air pressure gun competition 10m – the standing position of men’s physical disability RI for the SH1 category won first place and the gold medal of the Ukrainian contestant Andrea Doroshenko, with a total score of 246.6 points, equivalent to the world record for that competition, and came in second place and the silver medal of his compatriot Yuri Stoyev with 245 points As for the third place, the bronze medal went to the contestant, Sotrius Galogalafores of Greece, with 222.5 points.

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And in a humane position made by Saif Hilal Al Hamiri, winner of the shotgun gold in the fourth championship that was held in Al Ain in 2019, where he gave his place in the finals to his fellow Emirati teammate Saeed Salham Al Mazroui to participate instead of him in the final, which he was qualified to participate in, but international law does not Five players from one country are allowed to participate in the final, in addition to it being the first participation of the champion Saeed Al Mazrouei in a World Cup tournament.

Some of the tournament competitions were attended by His Excellency Mohamed Mohamed Fadhel Al Hameli, Chairman of the UAE Paralympic Committee, His Excellency Abdullah Abdulali Al Humaidan, Secretary General of the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, and His Excellency Abdullah Ismail Al Kamali, Executive Director of the People of Determination Sector at Zayed Higher Organization, Chairman of the Supreme Organizing Committee of the tournament. And HE Nafeh Ali Al Hammadi, Executive Director of the Corporation’s Support Services Sector.

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Al-Hamli congratulated the champions of our national Paralympic team for their achievement in the tournament, and for the medals they achieved to date by winning three gold and one silver bronze in the tournament, despite the great competition with world champions in Paralympic shooting.

Al-Hamli praised the organization of the tournament and praised the arrangements and procedures provided by the Supreme Organizing Committee at the highest level, and its ability to host the tournament despite the exceptional emergency circumstances that all countries of the world are going through as a result of the emerging Kurna virus Covid 19 pandemic, indicating that Abu Dhabi’s success in hosting the tournament is not surprising. The Emirates, which has national cadres and a distinguished structure that enables it to organize and host the largest international tournaments.

For his part, Theban Salem Al Muhairi, Secretary General of the UAE National Paralympic Committee, welcomed all teams and delegations participating in the 2021 World Paralympic Shooting Championship, hosted by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates, thanking the wise leadership for its support for sports and athletes in the country and His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Zayed Bin Sultan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, for sponsoring the championship.

Al Muhairi stressed that this championship, which is being hosted by the UAE for the fifth time, indicates the confidence of the International Shooting Federation in the organizational capabilities of the UAE.

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He expressed his happiness at the strength of the tournament and the level of the players participating in it.

The UAE National Anti-Doping Committee, in cooperation and coordination with the Supreme Organizing Committee for Championship Competitions, the International Paralympic Shooting Federation, and the International Paralympic Committee conducts an examination of doping on the medal-winning players with the knowledge of a specialized medical team assigned by the committee and its mission approved by the International Anti-Doping Organization known as Wada in order to be able to adopt the numbers that were registered in the various tournament competitions as a main condition for that.

The doping test that takes place at the tournament’s headquarters in a closed area away from competitions begins with taking samples from the players by the specialized medical team and carefully transferring these samples for examination in one of the specialized international laboratories accredited by Al-Wada, and the process for the results to appear takes up to 30 days. And the National Committee, the International Agency and the International Federation are notified, as well as the player’s national association, if the sample is positive.

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