Foreign holidays Q&A: How would a Covid traffic light system work?


The government is looking at replacing last year’s chaotic travel corridors with a system labelling countries as green, amber and red

What is the traffic light system for holidays?
It’s a scheme that would categorise countries according to whether they were safe to travel to this summer. Based on criteria such as infection rates, vaccine rollout and border measures in place, countries would be designated green, amber or red.Holidaymakers would be able to visit green countries without quarantining on their return; amber countries would involve a period of quarantine; and red countries would be no-go zones. It would replace the travel corridor system, which operated last summer, causing chaos for holidaymakers every time a new country was removed from the list.

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Why is this being considered now?
It is one of several options being considered by the government’s Global Travel Taskforce to enable the safe return of international travel this summer. The taskforce is due to report with recommendations on 12 April.

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