Alake Of Egbaland: The Palace Jester By Bayo Oluwasanmi


Warning against the declaration of Yoruba Nation and YoruExit from Nigeria, the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo said: “Nigerians, wherever we go in Nigeria, we must see ourselves as nationals of the same country, people of the same blood.”

“We must work together to make Nigeria great because we must not fail. Nigeria must not fail, if Nigeria fails, the black race has failed and may it never happened... That is why we must remain where we are and make Nigeria work and work well,” Oba Gbadebo said.

Oba Gbadebo sounds like a palace jester, or palace fool if you like. Like the medieval era, Oba Gbadebo brightly dressed and belled, entertains his master Bola Ahmed Tinubu and other clowns in their camp with mockery, mimicry, and jests.

With a fractured and factionalized Nigeria that’s being terrorized by Fulani terrorists and plagued by other evils, it is obvious that Nigeria is a failed state.  Only Oba Gbadebo, the palace jester, will advise Nigerians to see themselves as nationals and people of the same blood. Oba Gbadebo in his power, pomp, and pageantry as palace jester  advised his people to work together with Fulani terrorists who kill, rape, maim, destroy farms and property of his people. It’s only a palace fool that will appeal to his people to see Fulani terrorists as blood brothers. No other person other than a palace fool will say his people should team with Fulani lunatics to make Nigeria great.

Where was Oba Gbadebo when his people in Ogun State north local government of Yewa fled to neighboring Benin Republic as refugees? Where was the palace jester when his people were being slaughtered like Ramadan rams? Where was he when Chief Sunday Adeyemo Igboho Oosa took it upon himself to rescue the subjects of Oba Gbadebo? Do we need to educate or remind the palace fool that Nigeria is not only a failed state but a country that has rapidly disintegrated?

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As Tinubu intensifies his recruitment of some Akindanidani Obas for his 2023 ambition, Oba Gbadebo and Oluwo of Iwo have become willing tools of deceit, lies, and propaganda for Tinubu. The Alake and Oluwo in their elegantly ritualized stupidity that passes for comic relief, have betrayed the trust of their people by abdicating their duties when their subjects needed them most. It is nauseating that the browbeaten, humiliated, manipulated, and loathsome Alake and Oluwo will prefer to be Tinubu’s errand boys than protect their own people. 

It amounts to desecration of the historical Alake stool that it is conveniently easy for Oba Gbadebo to ignore the killings and hardships of his subjects who are too weak to demand and fight for their rights, than to respond sensitively to their needs. To care is to accept responsibility. To dare is to act in accordance with the dictum that the ruler is the strength of the helpless. 

Oba Gbadebo and Oluwo do not represent Yoruba Obas hence they cannot speak for them. They do not represent the collective vision of oppressed Yorubas who have decided to birth a new  Oduduwa Nation. Time is running out for these selfish, greedy, shameless, puppets, clowns, and castrated Obas to shape up or ship out.



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Bayo Oluwasanmi

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