Work smart, not forcefully, with these fitness tips


We get a lot of questions about general health, fitness, and what nutritional supplements we take to gain “extra” weight. There are so many physical health trends out there, and it is hard to know what is worth following and what isn’t. 

Technology is a major driver of changes in how we do exercise, and how we continue to learn more about the role of diet in athletic performance, as some nutrients have proven themselves to stand out.

Get the most out of your workout in 2020 with these tips that I think will go beyond just trends.

The exercise will become stronger, smarter and shorter 

With the popularity of wearable and escalating technological devices, the metabolism test, body fat scanner and heart rate variability measurement has become much easier to measure components of health.

As more data became available, exercise became more personal. The traditional thinking about aerobic exercise is exercising hard and hard as places for as long as possible. This may lead to overtraining, overuse injury, endocrine disruption (hormonal imbalances), and other negative consequences. The new thinking is still to work out hard but with just the right intensity for your body.

For example, you can monitor your heart rate fluctuation with many different devices. This may help you gauge the rate at which your body has recovered from the previous day’s exercise. If your body does not recover, your heart rate fluctuation points will be low, indicating that you may have to rest for the day or do less intense exercises like yoga or lightweight training in order not to harm yourself.

All this data is amazing, but let’s not forget how you feel! Listen to your body, and give it comfort when it needs it.

The best supplements for physical and overall health

We all know the benefits of eating good diets that include all the colors of the rainbow and ensure that we get everything our bodies need. The problem with this is that it is completely different than doing it, and frankly most people do not have the time or resources to get everything they need for optimal health (I know I am not). Supplements come from here.

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These nutritional supplements are recognized for their unique health benefits, including their positive effects on physical fitness. My clients are always curious about what I myself eat when I make recommendations, and these are four of the best ones on my list.

Maca roots

No, you don’t have to go to a bear to hunt these roots!! Maca grows in the Andes and is a cruciferous vegetable related to kale, cabbage, and broccoli. It is used in many Peruvian dishes, and has a strong flavor. I am not a fan of cooking with it, but I will take it as a supplement as an extract or as a capsule.

So why am I taking that? I’m glad you asked this question! Studies have shown that maca may have a positive effect on athletic performance. It has also been shown to boost libido, and it may help relieve feelings of depression and anxiety due to its flavonoid content. Maca has also been studied for its effects on lowering blood pressure. 


Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub grown in the Middle East, some parts of Africa and India. It is often referred to as Indian ginseng. For hundreds of years, it has been used for medicinal purposes and gets its name from its fairytale scent. “Ashwa” means horses.

The herb is one of the most important herbs in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and is used to treat a wide range of ailments such as arthritis, constipation, insomnia and snakebites. In the United States, it’s often used to treat anxiety, but studies have also shown that ashwagandha has fitness benefits, including helping to increase muscle mass and strength and reduce body fat.

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Other ashwagandha properties are that it may include anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for those with symptoms of arthritis, as well as improve memory and help lower cortisol, the “stress hormone”.


No need to head out to the chilly mountains of Europe and Asia for this. This ingredient is called an adaptogen, and it is a substance that may help your body adapt to stress when consumed and is called Rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola has a number of uses, from reducing stress to providing the body with energy to improve exercise performance to boosting brain function. Rhodiola can be taken as an extract, tablets or powder.

In one study, Rhodiola was shown to reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue and fatigue when administered to 100 people with symptoms of chronic fatigue. Participants took 400 mg of Rhodiola once a day for eight weeks, and they reported improvements in quality of life, stress, fatigue, and focus.

If you have trouble sleeping, are already eating well and getting enough exercise, Rhodiola may help you eliminate that discomfort. Several studies have looked at the effects of Rhodiola on sleep quality, and one study in students showed that those who took an adaptogen experience mental fatigue, higher performance, increased motivation, and even better test scores on the placebo group.

Do you want to improve your performance in exercise? Rhodiola can help you with this. Numerous human studies have shown the benefits of Rhodiola when taken before an event/exercise, and there is a belief that these supplements promise to reduce the effects of perceived exertion, which means that you can last longer and harder without feeling tired. An additional bonus!

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No, this is not Greek – it is actually used in Indian cooking as a common household spice. Fenugreek is a plant that is used to treat a large number of symptoms. It’s even sold as a topical cream.

So why should you eat fenugreek? Its most common use is to boost breast milk production in women, but it may also have benefits for exercise. Studies have shown that it may increase strength and body composition, reduce inflammation, and support healing and recovery.

Have you ever seen testosterone enhancement pills for men? Well, to chance, one of the ingredients in this pill is fenugreek. One study in college-aged males who consumed herbs showed an increase in strength as well as higher levels of total testosterone. It has also been shown to have potential benefits for controlling blood sugar, increasing carbohydrate tolerance, and even stabilizing blood cholesterol levels.

Here you have it, my list of tech and supplements to read! 

The real key is continuity

 Fitness and nutritional fashions aside, be sure to keep up with the things that have consistently been shown to help overall health throughout longevity.

what is it? Make sure to stay active in your daily life. You should spend 2-3 days each week doing weight training and going for walks with your loved ones. Take a yoga or meditation class, make sure to eat a diet devoid of processed foods and added sugars, and be sure to get the right sleep! If these are consistent, you’ll feel better, look better, and you’ll have the energy to be better.

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