‘Until the law catches up, all we have is our stories’: my year-long fight to hold my attacker to account


When Caitlin McNamara launched a literary festival in Abu Dhabi, she found herself plunged into a busy, exciting world. Then, she alleges, she was raped by an Emirati royal

This time last year, the world watched as Harvey Weinstein was led out of a New York courtroom, having finally been convicted of sexual assault. For many of us, it signified a hopeful shift in the law’s blemished record of allowing rich men to get away with treating women’s bodies as a perk of power.

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I watched this historic ruling on TV alone, at a beach resort in Oman. The sun had set over the Indian Ocean and I could hear honeymooning couples clinking glasses at the poolside bar below. As the coverage rolled, I scrolled through Instagram watching the man who had sexually assaulted me the week before, Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, be applauded on to a platform I had worked hard to build.

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