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In this 21st century, we still have people who don’t understand the struggles of women and why they challenge the societal ills and stereotypes against them. This is why books are more likely to change minds. Especially memoirs. It invites you to step into a life and an experience that is not ours. Reading them helps you better understand and empathize with women all over the world.

This weekend, we’re bringing you three memoirs about women with different backgrounds, challenges, losses and wins.

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Life Lessons from a Nigerian Wonder Woman is a book chronicling the journey of professional banker and career wonder woman, Folake Sanu.

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In it, she shares practical advice that anyone just starting on their life’s journey would find useful, covering a wide range of topics from career to marriage to building a legacy. Read More

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A memoir of my life. I share my experiences in living and marriage, in the hope that it can inspire young women, and let them know that they can be everything they choose and set out to be.

I am convinced that I was born to impact my generation by serving different segments of my society at different levels of opportunity. Several seemingly unassociated events in my life have reinforced this conviction. My life has been in constant ev

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My father’s daughter is a riveting narration on Onyeka Onwenu’s enthralling journey through life. We are held captive as she takes us into her world.- from the heart-warming affection of her father to living through the anguish of the Nigeria-Biafra war, from the remarkable mother’s love to family intrigues, from feminism to a career that has put her in the limelight for decades. Her reflections and reviews are expressive and stroke our senses; nothing is left out. Read More


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