Butti Al Nuaimi wins the “Ultra Marathon Al Marmom” title


Emirati champion Butti Al Nuaimi won the title of the 50 km “Al Marmoom Al Marmoom” race that was held today. It is the strongest desert running race organized by the “Fit Group Middle East” company with the support of the Dubai Sports Council in the Al Marmoom Nature Reserve.

Butti Al-Nuaimi finished the race with a time of 5 hours and 4 seconds, far behind the closest competitors, as Kenyan Paul Como finished second with a time of 5 hours, 22 minutes and 26 seconds, while Russian Gregory Sava finished third with a time of 5 hours, 31 minutes and 37 seconds, revealing the big time difference between the first The second and third are about the strong performance of Butti Al-Nuaimi and the value of the achievement achieved by the UAE in a sport that entered the country during the past few years.

The two Emirati amateur athletes, Mohammed Al-Hassani and Hamad Al-Zeyoudi, finished second and third in a row in the 5-kilometer race, whose title was won by Kenyan Paul Motory, only 27 seconds ahead of second place, and Nasser Al-Hilali finished third in the 10-kilometer race.

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The race was held in the Marmum area, which is the largest natural reserve in the world and includes magical sand dunes areas, unique ability lakes, areas for rare animals and birds, and athletes from 44 nationalities, many of whom came from outside the country, especially from Britain, Germany, Russia and Kenya participated in it. And Czech and Uzbekistan, and the success of organizing the race in recent years has contributed to attracting a large number of participants who competed in the professional category of 18 years and over for a distance of 50 kilometers, as well as the participation of amateurs in the open category from the age of 15 years and over in which the competition is at my distance 5 and 10 kilometers.

The race was held in accordance with the precautionary measures approved by the official authorities in Dubai, and the protocols for each event that were developed by the Dubai Sports Council and circulated to all organizers of sporting events, taking care to achieve physical spacing between the participants and obligating the participants and organizers to wear masks, and 26 jeeps were provided. In cooperation with the “Jeepers” company, to follow up the performance and physical condition of the participating athletes throughout the race stages, and to provide support in emergency cases by the medical ambulance teams present.

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The organizing committee also prepared the participants, especially amateurs, to provide the best performance during the championship through free training sessions for the participants that were held during the last period to train them on the correct way to run on soft sand, how to regulate breathing and the amount of speed while running in the desert so that they can compete and complete the entire race distance Without being injured.

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The 50 km “Ultra Marathon Al Marmoom” race represents the summit of physical challenges, effort regulation and the ability to run on soft sand. It is also a test of the participants’ ability to endurance on the mental and physical levels, in addition to a test of strength and courage to complete the race to the end. Distances of 10 km and 5 were added. Kilometers for the Ultra Marathon race based on the increasing demand from runners to experience the difficult competition on the sand, and in an effort to encourage many runners who wish to try the challenge of running in the desert, as this event combines all levels of fitness from runners in the growing community of running, whether professional or Amateur contestants.

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