How to naturally boost energy


 The positive side of using caffeine

Having natural energy is truly a wonderful thing that few have experienced permanently and steadily. It is shocking to see how many Americans suffer from fatigue and lethargy. Where inactivity is one of the most common pathological conditions in the practice of medicine, but dealing with it properly has not become appropriate until now.

An individual can become lethargic due to a number of reasons, including depression, diabetes, irregular sleep, hypothyroidism and some types of medications. Nutrition factors are also important, including poor nutrition, unstable blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia. While simple iron anemia is one of the most important causes of lethargy and fatigue, especially for women.

Top 3 Essential Supplements

The best way to naturally boost and raise energy levels is to deal with the causative agents as effectively as possible. Beyond that, there are three essential supplements in any overall health promotion plan: High quality multivitamins and minerals and high-quality “green” drinks as well as medicinal fish oil supplements . Once a foundation of good nutrition is achieved, those with low energy levels can benefit from nutritional supplements that contain energy combinations prepared with caffeine.

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Is caffeine safe to use?

There is no doubt that caffeine is a stimulant and stimulant that increases mental and physical energy levels. Caffeinated beverages such as tea, mate, guarana, kola nut and cocoa are consumed by all cultures around the world. Where caffeine is offered in its natural form is accompanied by many plant ingredients that help reduce the negative effects of caffeine, such as anxiety and stress. For example, green tea contains, in addition to caffeine, theanine, a natural compound that reduces some of the effects of caffeine on the brain that may lead to stress, nervousness and impair the ability to sleep.

Experiments and studies aimed at controlling the performance and effects of caffeine have been conducted for a long time, beginning in the late nineteenth century. The first studies showed that caffeine intake contributed to improved performance during many activities. For example, caffeine intake helped typists increase the accuracy and speed of writing.

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Caffeine has also been shown to improve attention and reaction speed. However, it did not achieve any improvement in the complex activities of the brain.

Caffeine + gamma-aminobutyric acid

It is acid gamma-Omanobioterec PharmaGABA one of the most important vehicles used by the brain. PharmaGABA is a proprietary natural product containing gamma-aminobutyric acid that has achieved many exciting results when tested in medical applications. Specifically, it has contributed to impressive results in overcoming stress, including demonstrating an ability to lower cortisol levels and other signs of acute stress during exposure to difficult situations.

When combined with a source of caffeine and PharmaGABA, there is a balanced effect on increasing mental capacity. This is beneficial because PharmaGABA reduces the levels of stress and tension caused by caffeine.

A study conducted at the University of Shizuoka, Japan has shown that using PharmaGABA has the potential to achieve this, promote a feeling of calm as well as raise energy and vitality levels with caffeine. Indicators of stress among those who drank only a cup of coffee periodically or who drank the same cup plus 28 mg of PharmaGABA were significantly lower in those taking PharmaGABA. 

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Is caffeine good for everyone?

There are some special conditions and circumstances that prohibit a large amount of caffeine (such as daily doses exceeding 30-50 mg) and make it unwanted. Among these cases are those who suffer from severe sensitivity to caffeine or who suffer from insomnia or depression or chronic fatigue or cystic fibrosis disease in the breast or those who suffer from high blood pressure. It is especially important to avoid caffeine if you suffer from poor sleep quality. If you suffer from any of these conditions and want to increase your physical energy, try herbs that boost energy levels and support adrenal gland activity, such as ashwagandha, rhodiola, or Siberian ginseng. In most cases, the extracts of these herbs are used in the preparation of “adrenal health” formulas and formulas.

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