HR Expo Africa focuses on ‘Borderless Work’ at Festival 2021


HR Expo Africa

Thousands of participants, including professionals and organizations from different sectors across Africa, are set to take part at the largest work festival in Africa organized by HR Expo Africa (HREA), a foremost international learning and development company headquarters in Nigeria.

The HREA Work Festival 2021 is billed to hold on April 14 – 15, 2021, with the theme, ‘Borderless Africa’. The event is for paid participants only.

The 2-day event is expected to attract over 20,000 participants from across all sectors that make up today’s global workforce —all seeking to build profitable connections and great businesses. A limited number of participants will take part in activities at the Landmark Event Centre on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria under strict Covid-19 protocols, while the vast majority of participants will be treated to the best multi-platform technology experience in global conferencing through the HREA dedicated AI-powered virtual conference hub which is a user-friendly application.

Globally-renowned resource persons will assemble to showcase what the future of work in the global workplace looks like today and share deep insights backed by research on the bustling global market ecosystem, that will leave participants with a far greater knowledge base, expanded market share, and an extended global network of partners, clients and investors.

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In 2020, upon the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, HR Expo Africa switched from its in-person conference mode to a completely virtual one. Nevertheless, HR Expo Africa, with the virtual mode, created a unique, dedicated AI-powered virtual conference hub that delivered an unforgettable experience.

Despite the seismic changes that altered life as we know it in 2020, huge successes and massive turnout were recorded at the HR Expo Africa Virtual Work Festival in 2020 with a fitting theme “For Success in the New Era”.

The event was successfully synchronized to the glee and value of all and had thousands of participants join from around the world real-time in premium trainings, exhibitions, networking, and robust interactions. All of these inspired the unveiling of the hybrid (virtual and in-person) version of the HR Expo Africa Work Festival 2021.

For organizations, to incorporate all of the new emerging realities into their workforce, uphold market share, facilitate business operations and processes needed to create new opportunities, it is imperative to fuel the agility and inventiveness of their people by investing in disruptive learning and business opportunities that radically challenge conventions and norms and provide the catalyst for new possibilities, experiences and outcomes.

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The HREA Work Festival 2021, according to a statement, promises to be a unique blend of some of the best ideas for productivity across multiple influences irrespective of location and will focus on various aspects of the workplace designed to accelerate workforce productivity and agility through leadership, human capital management, better wellbeing, workforce upskilling and result-oriented styles for a successful workplace.

Participants will discover latest cutting-edge virtual and in-person technology tools and trends that will help them build a roadmap for the future of work, improve their careers and skills, assist them create a more diverse, compelling and rewarding work environment. The Work Festival is loaded with so many amazing features, the statement.

For the Festival, the focus is on WORK and the PEOPLE doing the work; all of the sessions at the event are grouped under seven learning stages: Future Trends, HR, Wellbeing, Leadership, Startup, Technology and Workforce Upskilling.

Stage themes will include the importance of leadership, show individuals how their career and life needs can be further enhanced, as well as create a more diverse, compelling and rewarding work environment. In addition, it will highlight the urgent need for borderless collaboration, leveraging talent within cross-border collaborations and how well people can work with others often virtually across internal and external borders to co-create something no individual could have created alone.

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Categories of participants expected at the event include professionals from all sectors of the economy globally, each having a rich array of empowering festival options to pick from. Exhibition and networking will also feature prominently during the two-day event. As has been the case annually, but even more so this time, a ready global market of buyers, sellers, advertisers, investors, and strategic partners will be activated at the festival.

The founder of HREA and the convener HREA Work Festival 2021, Erefa Fynecontry-Coker, noted that, ”adopting ‘Borderless Work’ as the theme for Work Festival 2021, followed a careful assessment of the dominant trends in the world of work, including needs and influences. This thorough undertaking, commissioned annually, shapes the strategic direction of the festival”.

She added that, “The concept of Borderless Work has maintained a trajectory of growing prominence in recent times owing to rising disruption to work and workplaces by technology, on the one hand, and efforts to rethink work, on the other. Such efforts have included remote working systems, for-work/life balance innovations, and easily manageable multi-tier collaboration systems.


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