UAE: Man requested to pay Dh10,000 for attacking a young lady


The Abu Dhabi court has ordered a man who slapped and poked a young woman to pay Dh10000 as a solatium.

In her case, the petitioner professes that a contest emerged among her and the litigant, during which the last attacked her. The girl detailed the matter and the accused was handed on to the court, which indicted him for the charges, and requested him to pay Dh3,000 notwithstanding lawful expenses.

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Later the case was raised to criminal court to get compensation. In her appeal, she asked the litigant to pay her Dh50,000 in pay, just as lawful charges. She expressed that the litigant insulted her and pushed her against a divider.

She also said, she cannot do her personal work for at least about 20 days, moreover she suffered a lot physically and mentally.

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The court requested the respondent measure of Dh10,000 is adequate to offer peace for these harms.

The Court of First Instance in Abu Dhabi saw the man as blameworthy and requested him to pay Dh10,000 in remuneration, notwithstanding four percent yearly interest if the installment was postponed.

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