Man Breeds Albino Ball Python That Smiles Right Back At You (Photos)


There are a few reptile fanatics that smile when they see snakes, but maybe only one snake that can smile right back at you … three times.

After eight years of breeding, this lavender albino piebald ball python has three smiley faces on it.
And it was a complete accident.

Justin Kobylka, who has been breeding snakes for almost two decades, was actually trying to achieve this bright golden yellow and white color combination.

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But in addition to that, the snake has three markings that look like smiley faces.

Patterns like these come from recessive mutations that can occur naturally, but it’s unlikely you would find a snake that looks like this in nature.

“One in every 20 animals can have a smiley face on it,” said Kobylka, but in his 19 years of breeding snakes he has never seen another snake with three smiles.

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And this snake has a lot to smile about. It sold for around $6,000.

Source:- CNN


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