Reasons to drink lemon water in the morning


A cup of lemon juice quenches your thirst, especially on a hot summer day. However, lemon water can help reduce fatigue and prevent many diseases such as influenza, colds, coughs and stomach ache, etc. Lemon juice and its juice have many health and aesthetic benefits, as it contains many essential nutrients. All you have to do to enjoy these benefits is squeeze some lemons, add the juice to a cup of warm water, and have it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Here are 9 reasons to drink lemon water on an empty stomach:

Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays an important role in boosting immunity. Lemon water can help protect your body from many ailments, including colds, flu, and other ailments.

Maintaining the pH levels in the body

It is essential to maintain the pH levels in your body to ensure that your system is functioning properly. The changing pH levels can disrupt digestive health and even unstable blood pressure levels. Lemon water ensures that the pH levels in the body remain under control, which prevents many diseases and health disorders.

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Lemons are known to possess powerful anti-bacterial properties. Consuming lemon water in the morning will ensure that your body stays infection-free. Lemon contains high amounts of pectin, which is beneficial for colon health. Lemon works as an effective natural anti-bacterial.

Cleanse the body from toxins

Lemon also helps to cleanse the body from accumulated toxins. Drinking lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach will help flush out toxins from your system, and it also purifies the blood, thus keeping your body free from many health disorders.

Improving digestive function

Drinking warm lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning will ensure that your digestive system works smoothly. The citric acid in lemons helps keep digestive issues at bay because it interacts with other essential enzymes in your stomach and stimulates the secretion of gastric juices.


Good for liver health

Drinking lemon water in the morning can be good for liver health. Scientific studies have proven that the liver produces more enzymes in the presence of lemon when compared to other food items. Enzymes are essential to stimulate and accelerate various chemical reactions. It is possible that all the foods you have eaten throughout your life have greatly poisoned the liver. Eating lemon water in the morning helps cleanse the liver. Lemon juice stimulates the liver to get rid of all toxins in it


Lemon is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that can treat a host of health problems. Drinking lemon water daily will help fight respiratory infections to a great extent. It can also help treat sore throats and tonsillitis.

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Rich in vitamins

Lemon is a treasure trove of essential vitamins and minerals that your body cannot do without. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, citric acid, phosphorous and many other nutrients that are essential to keep your body active. 

Weight loss

Lemon water can be very effective for those trying to shed some extra pounds. Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning will melt all your fats like magic. The pectin fiber in lemon keeps cholesterol levels under control, also reduces hunger, and prevents you from overeating or snacking.

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