Haifa and an unexpected surprise on her birthday


Alia surprised, the sister of Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe , an unexpected gift on the occasion of the birthday feast 49. Haifa Wehbe shared a video clip reviewing the gift, through her account on the “Instagram” website, which is “a painting with her appearance on the sand on a beach in Dubai, and her name is written on it.”

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Haifa Wehbe expressed her happiness with this gift, saying: “I don’t think it is more beautiful than such a surprise that drew me on the sands of the seashore in Dubai.”

It is noteworthy that Haifa Wehbe was born March 10 March 1972, in the town of Mahrouna in Tire district in southern Lebanon, to a Lebanese father, Muhammad Wahbi, and an Egyptian mother called Lady Abdel Aziz Ibrahim, and she has four brothers, Alia, Nasreen, Hana , Ahmad.

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