“Everybody needs Public Relations, even a two-person organization,” says Bamiduro.


“Everybody needs Public Relations, even a two-person organization,” says Bamiduro.


… as speakers and participants praise the Experience Public Relations initiative

LAGOS, Nigeria, March 10, 2021 – / African Media Agency (AMA) / – The speakers and participants of the book launch Experimenting Public Relations organized by Nigerian Women in PR over the weekend applauded the impressive initiative. The two-hour virtual pilot event and book launch, attended by industry professionals, students and business executives from various countries including India, Ireland, Ghana, United Arab Emirates and Nigeria, featured knowledge sharing, discussion of practical strategies, entertainment and networking sessions.

The event began with the reading of a book from the book Experiencing Public Relations by Oluwatoni Oluwasanya, a 300-liter mass communication student from the University of Lagos who is also a Student Ambassador for Nigerian Women in Public Relations. Keynote speaker and launch director Omotola Oyebanjo, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Africa and Middle East, Upfield, went on to deliver an unforgettable document as she recounted her journey in public relations and the lessons learned along the way. “An organization can lose its brand value and reputation when public relations professionals are not working. As public relations professionals, we are image makers and we need to build the reputation of the industry and our reputation as people who do good work, ”he said. Oyebanjo also praised the book Experiencing Public Relations on five key points: the resource, the range of professionals who contributed to the book, the quality of the content, as well as the dissemination and relevance of the topics for today’s public relations professionals. .

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The event progressed with the panel session moderated by Chineze Amanfo, Public Relations Leader for 9Mobile. The discussion focused on the impact of public relations on companies and society. MAX.ng ​​co-founder and CEO Adetayo Bamiduro said that “a lot of people think that only large organizations need public relations. Public relations are essential to help build credibility and trust in all areas; with government, clients and others. We have seen that it is essential to open the lines of communication with all our key stakeholders ”. Another Purple panelist, co-founder and CEO, Laide Abgoola, shared that “we have been able to maintain our occupancy level at 75% at all Purple outlets, as well as sell more than 90% of the Nano despite the launch during COVID. -19 pandemic due to our communications and data ”. Other panelists were Martha Okpeke, Associate Director of Medicraft Associates Limited and Efeturi Doghudje, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications of VFD Group Plc. “It is important that communication efforts begin internally. Staff are your internal ambassadors; when they are aware of the innovations in the organization, they will be the first to shout it out to everyone externally, ”said Doghudje.

The organization also received public praise for the book launch, as participants took to their social media to share the highlights of the event. “The whole event has been totally amazing. I congratulate the host of this initiative; I know it is to commemorate Women’s Week, but as a man I am glad to be here, ”said Randy Haniel, participant of the Exper Experience PR event.

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In commemoration of the celebration of International Women’s Day, the founder of Nigerian Women in PR, Tolulope Olorundero, said that “we established the organization to celebrate, provide information and guidance to PR women, especially mid-level professionals, to overcome the barriers and challenges that hinder your progress as Public Relations women. We were concerned by the statistics that fewer than 30% of public relations women are c-suites in their leading PR organizations or agencies despite the fact that between 65% and 80% of public relations professionals entrance are women ”. The Nigerian Women in Public Relations team also celebrated public relations women from around the world through Oludolapo Adewale’s spoken word performance that highlighted renowned women who have defied prejudice and overcome barriers on their travels. .

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Meanwhile, Olorundero, who is a seasoned public relations consultant, reiterated that Nigerian Women in PR is an independent social impact organization that fully supports and advocates for membership of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). Therefore, he urged all participants practicing public relations in Nigeria to become members of the governing body.

Nigerian Women in PR, established in 2019, is an independent social impact organization created to build a strong network of practicing and aspiring female public relations professionals of Nigerian descent. Its goal is to support, inspire and empower these professionals while improving access to career advancement opportunities. With its strong programs including # PRin30Seconds, Campus Students’ Summit and #ThrivethruPR, the organization is determined to support professional women in obtaining and retaining a seat at the table where powerful decisions are made.

“Everybody needs Public Relations, even a two-person organization,” says Bamiduro. - NNN.


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