EgyptAir GM receives excellence award, unveils 50% discount, extra baggage



The General Manager of EgyptAir in Nigeria, Muharram Abdel Rahman, has received an Excellence Award from the Travel Consultants Club of Nigeria, an Aviation non-governmental Organization, for the dedicated support he has provided to Nigerian Travel Consultants over the years.

The Award was presented by Edet Effiong Aduak; the National President of the Association together with his colleague, Adie Elizabeth, the National Secretary, during a courtesy visit to mark the unveiling of the airline’s newly designed and freshly renovated office with state-of-the-art facilities.

The GM began his address to members of the media present by thanking Hadi Sirika, the minister of aviation, for all he is doing to propel the aviation industry forward.

He also used the forum to disclose the airline’s exciting new offers that are meant to facilitate the movement of passengers during the upcoming Easter holiday season, as they travel to spend time with their families and loved ones.

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He unveiled the airline’s two-in-one package for its esteemed customers comprising a 50 percent discount to all travel destinations served by the airline, and the addition of one extra piece of luggage at no extra cost for passengers flying both on Business and Economy Classes.

The 50 percent discount promo will last until March ending for ticket sales and until April ending for travel. Also, a 25 percent discount for students will be implemented after the end of the present 50 percent discount.

“It is our duty to facilitate movement by passengers. I know that economically, everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the reason why we are now offering a 50 percent discount on all flight destinations on EgyptAir,” Muharram said.

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He continued by saying that despite the pandemic, EgyptAir continues to operate daily flights from Lagos, and five weekly flights from Abuja.

According to the EgyptAir boss, the airline has now positioned itself to airlift Nigerians with tourist visas to Cairo, in a bid to sell the city as a viable tourist destination, since Nigerians cannot presently fly to Dubai due to current restrictions put in place by the UAE government.

Muharram was presented with an award by representatives of the Travel Consultant Club of Nigeria for the dedicated support he has provided to Nigerian travel consultants over the years.

He disclosed that regular Dubai travellers from Lagos had reduced due to the United Arab Emirates ban on Nigerian flights.

The United Arab Emirates had extended the suspension of flights from Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) from February 28 to March 10.

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He noted that before the ban, the airline recorded 150 passengers on the wide-body aircraft and an average of 80 passengers on the narrow-body aircraft.

He said, “We were affected by UAE because on an average, we have 150 passengers daily to Dubai and on our wide-body aircraft, while we average around 70-80 passengers daily to Dubai on narrow aircraft. We were affected but we looked for alternative markets to substitute for Dubai which is Muscat.

“A lot of Nigerians are travelling to Muscat, we have about 40-50 passengers travelling to Muscat daily. When we felt that we would lose Dubai markets, we leveraged our connections to Muscat. We just make our flights to Cairo 45 minutes earlier so we can connect to Muscat.”


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