ALML launches to facilitate Customer friendly travel experience in Nigeria



The Aviation Logistics and Management Limited (ALML) has launched, an online travel website which offers travellers the convenience of booking travel online with a few clicks.

ALML which plans to stay ahead of the curve by continually evolving its technology to meet the ever-changing demands of the rapidly developing global travel market, will through provides flight booking, hotel reservations, travel packages, tours, airport transfers, protocol, airport-lounge access and more with guaranteed on-demand and real-time booking to passengers.

Speaking during the launch of in Lagos, Temidayo Kazeem, vice president, asset management ALML said the company has built up longstanding strategic relationships with partners worldwide, which allows it to go the extra mile for travellers no matter their destinations.

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Temidayo said ALML is set out to solve challenges people face every day in travel and to bring travel solutions to their mobile phones and right inside their pockets.

He noted that ALML group which has been in the industry for over 20 years is deeply entrenched and invested in aviation, building proper business structures for travel, transport, lounge, airport transfers and protocol services.

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He added that the company has put all of these together as a business and has brought technology enabling passengers at a time when technology drives travel.

“ is the brain child of our group MD Chief John Adebanjo, who set up the ALML Group over 20 years ago and has been constantly revolving with different ideas for the business. When this business idea was shared with us, we all got on the train and we decided to run with it.

“We had done several webinars over the last couple of months. We had communicated with different sectors in the industry to tell them the things we set out to achieve with this. Travel fortunately is at a very interesting place at the moment and one of the visions of is to facilitate travel. This is what we know and this is what we do. We are set out to make sure travel remains sustainable and facilitated at every point.

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“We set out to attain global standards. We have 50 vehicles in our fleet and provide pick-up services from your homes to our 70-sitting capacity lounge. We are set to change the face of travel in Nigeria,” Kazeem added.

Chima Keec Ezekoye, project lead, wemove tourism and founder of wemove technologies with hinted that data has revealed that Africa is the second fastest growing travel and tourism continent contributing seven percent to annual GDP which amounts to about $170billion and Nigeria is at the heart of this significant growth.

He mentioned some of the key divers to travel and tourism in Africa to include conservation, increase in women-led businesses, health consciousness and most importantly data.

He explained that the lack of access to data makes it difficult to make predictions on travel and as a result, innovations are hard to come about.

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He therefore assured that respite is hope for the travel sector as is set to not only to provide unique services to travellers but also help build that data lacking in the aviation sector.

Abimbola Aneke, agency manager ALML, said ALML is presenting a one-stop-shop with the launch of, to make travel seamless.

“Our website is price sensitive and easy to use and navigate. We have a lot of hotels and ticket deals. The prices are from the cheapest to the highest.

Abiodun Adebanjo, deputy managing director, ALML in her remarks said she was excited to be a part of, the brainchild of ALML which the company has invested so much time and resources into.

Adebanjo assured that the innovation will enhance travellers’ experience and benefit the aviation industry. She encouraged travellers to connect to the as it is stress free and easy to use.


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