PLEASE HELP! How Do I End This Relationship, I Am Not In Love With Him But He Has Money?


I would really appreciate it if you guys read through.

I’m actually in my early twenties, not that I’m too old for marriage anyway. One of my top clients who I’m trying to polish out a business with, went ahead to arrange a mini impromptu by fire by force relationship for me and his brother.

Like betrothing someone to someone else without their full consent.

It was a man’s arrangement cause, I was surprised how they all came to that agreement.

I tried breaking up with him the first time, and he told his brothers about it. Guilt almost finished me cause, I was blamed for the excuse I brought up.

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His uncle who is in charge of the contract brought us back together again.

The main issue now is that I want to break up with the guy once and for all but, I don’t want to hurt him and I still have to save the contract at hand.

The guy is very much attached to me already, and I won’t fake it, I’m equally beginning to feel butterflies in my stomach.

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I want to go about it in a very simple way. So that at the end, we all go our separate ways happy.

I told him my own part of the story and my reasons for not wanting to be in a relationship with him.

I’m not ready for any relationship now, and I don’t like him.

Most importantly, I don’t want to chop his money while deceiving him.

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He is still not accepting reality but, I’m sure with time, he’ll move on.

PS: His uncle isn’t aware of this yet and I begged him not to tell anyone.

Any Idea Is Highly Welcomed, Serious And Mature Minds Please.

Thank You.

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