Nile University of Nigeria Promotes Student Wellbeing and Experience with Exemplary Academic Support Services


Studying at the University, though fun, can also be a challenging experience as students have to find a way to effectively manage their academic (exams, essays, etc.) and extracurricular (sports, club responsibilities, etc.) activities. Achieving a balance between these numerous responsibilities can, sometimes, prove too difficult a task for students, leading to issues like anxiety, poor grades, to name a few. In response to this, several universities have begun offering a host of support services to their students in a bid to improve their experience on campus.

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One of the universities in Nigeria that has been pushing the boundaries with regard to providing support services to students that promote the latter’s overall wellbeing is Nile University of Nigeria. The University employs several advisors in its Student Affairs and Guidance Counselling departments who provide guidance and advice to students in various areas including adjusting to university and campus life, time management, balancing academic and extracurricular activities, among others. Nile University’s counselors are located strategically throughout campus—including the hostels— to ensure that students can easily access the necessary guidance and support whenever the need arises.

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Nile University also has a Psychology Unit that is dedicated to promoting the mental health and wellbeing of students through counseling and other relevant activities. Through these support services, the institution has been able to provide a good university experience for its students as illustrated by its consistent high graduation rates.

Admission is ongoing for the 2020/2021 academic session at Nile University of Nigeria. Interested students can apply online by visiting Nile University’s online application page at—the institution’s online application process is completely free.

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Nile University of Nigeria is a member institution of Honoris United Universities, the largest pan-African private higher education network.


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