Britain's generational divide is ever starker, which is a headache for the left | Owen Jones


Reactions to the row over Meghan have exposed the rift between old and young – it stretches far beyond the monarchy

Profound fractures and divides in society can remain deliberately hidden only for so long: sudden dramatic events act like flares, making them impossible to ignore. The Meghan and Prince Harry revelations are just the latest to light up a polarised nation. A superficial reading of snap polling suggests the public has sided with the monarchy over the Sussexes: but the underlying data reveals an ink-blot test, with younger and older Britons casting their eyes over the same episode and seeing something completely different.

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For those under 25, sympathy lies decisively with Harry and Meghan, who they overwhelmingly believe have been treated unfairly by our national figureheads; for those over 65, the findings reveal the absolute opposite. Here is just one illustration of an undeniable truth: that Britain’s generations occupy completely different political and moral universes, to a degree that seems without observable precedent in our modern history.

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