Women excel men in driving on UAE roads: Road safety survey says. Read why


This women’s day has got UAE women to celebrate much bigger. What makes this day special is the result of a survey in UAE, which declared that UAE women are more careful in driving, compared to UAE men. Also, UAE women are less in number causing road accidents than that of men.

This survey was conducted by the ‘Road Safety UAE’, which is the first online portal in UAE regarding road safety and trauma care assistance. The Road safety monitor took six years in collecting and consolidating road accident and related data based on a gender perspective.

The survey says that the percentage of the number of women causing accidents is less than the per cent of man, causing road accidents. Women are more keen in keeping the road safety rules. They stick on to disciplines while driving and parking and more often, they keep a safer distance from the vehicle in front, while driving.

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The survey observed that even though UAE women are more careful while driving, they are not recognized of this elegant quality. And rather, instead of being praised, women’s driving is being mocked at times, the survey says. “Although, at some basic steps, quite significant in road safety, the UAE women show some careless in average, but in an overall sale, their neatness in driving is more excellent than men. But, they [UAE women] are not at all given any recognition for this. Rather, they are being mocked at some levels”, says Thomas Edelman, the founder and Managing Director of the Road Safety UAE.

“We conducted a survey and as per the results, the number of women in UAE who caused accidents is only less than the number of UAE men, who caused accidents in 2020. Only 4 per cent of the UAE women drivers caused accidents in the last six months, whereas this number goes to 12 per cent in the case of UAE men. 71per cent women use proper indicators while switching the lane and exiting or joining a highway while the statistics of men in this category is only 65 per cent”, he continued.

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The survey revealed that 94 per cent of female drivers use seat belts while driving, but in men, only 91 per cent fall into this category. Another interesting observation from the survey is that UAE women rarely use mobile phones while driving. When 36 per cent of the male drivers are not hesitating enough to stop using mobile phones while driving, only 23 per cent female drivers use phones and put their lives at stake on the roads.  

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