Key Elements of High Performing Organizations – A Review of Deji Jemiyo’s Clarity Alignment Focus Execution



Title: In CAFE: A Simple Recipe for Breakthrough Results
Author: Deji Jemiyo
Publisher: Jeman Press
Year of Publication: 2019
Number of Pages: 249
Category: Business

At a time when businesses in Nigeria are faced with the challenge of restarting their operations, as well as trying to survive and also coupled with other competitive factors, business leaders are left with no choice but to make deliberate efforts to ensure the stability and even survival of their businesses. This shows the need to solve the issue of business performance from a fresh perspective in this present highly competitive and continuously evolving business environment.

Deji Jemiyo’s book In CAFE offers a refreshing perspective and worthwhile insights into improving the strength of your organization and your organizational performance. The book starts from a simple premise: many organizations think about new possibilities concerning the future of their organizations and have had endless strategy sessions in order to address the problems faced by their organization and improve their business management, however these organizations still struggle with poor performance.

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This work doesn’t just dwell only on in-depth studies but Jemiyo has met and worked with a myriad of people, whose businesses he helped save when their conditions seemed hopeless. He therefore, has found that there are certain elements of high-performance organizations that can be summarized by the acronym CAFE.

The Clarity of integrated possibilities, Alignment of operating model, Focus on cascaded priorities and Execution of agile action plans – indicate the formula of high business performance and when these ingredients are applied in the right proportion and sequence generate the delivery of superior results beyond imagination, he writes. However, this doesn’t suggest the journey is easy, but rather there is a clear and deliberate path for achieving the success of an organization that helps one build a wide knowledge base, harnessing available opportunities, and the importance of learning from failure.

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Filled with anecdotes about the people he has met in his life, Jemiyo uses the benefit of hindsight to educate his readers on the importance of business leaders communicating what it means to win and achieve results.

In CAFE discusses the many obstacles that get in the way of growing your business and also emphasize the need to review your progress after planning and executing your plans. However, Jemiyo would have done a lot better by sharing business narratives that captivate, convince, inspire and engage the reader the way charts and tables alone never could.

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In the last chapter, Jemiyo quotes Will Rogers: “Even though you are on the right track – you will get run over if you just sit there.”

The overall aim of the book is to give a blueprint for business performance that can be applied to any organization seeking to secure sustainability. The book is hoped to be an important resource for forward thinking leaders, managers, consultants, and business owners.

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