People trying to leave England without travel form face £200 fine


Extra police patrolling ports and airports will have right to see three-page document from Monday

Travellers who turn up at an airport without a form stating the reason for their trip face fines of £200, the government has announced.

From Monday, anyone who is going abroad from England will need to complete and carry a declaration to travel document that can be obtained from the government’s website. The form can be printed or stored on a mobile phone.

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Under current coronavirus lockdown rules, anyone who wants to travel internationally from England can do so only for limited reasons including work, education or medical grounds.

The three-page form requires those intending to take a trip to fill in their personal details and tick a box indicating their purpose of travelling outside the country.

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Police have been increasing patrols at ports and airports in recent weeks and will have the power to ask travellers to produce a completed form from Monday, the Department for Transport said.

If it is not provided, people could be fined £200 and anyone found to be attempting to travel without a valid reason will be asked to return home. They could, additionally, receive a fixed-penalty notice for breaking stay-at-home rules.

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Foreign holidays for people in England will not be permitted before 17 May under Boris Johnson’s roadmap for easing coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

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