How low traffic schemes fuel inequality | Letters


Trevor Moore and Ann Jones respond to a report that said low-traffic neighbourhoods do not disproportionately benefit wealthy postcodes at the expense of poorer areas

Antonio Voce and Peter Walker (Low-traffic schemes benefit most-deprived Londoners, study finds, 2 March) certainly provide food for thought on low-traffic schemes. However, in saying that “low-traffic neighbourhoods [LTNs] ... do not disproportionately benefit more privileged communities” they fall into the trap of oversimplification, because that doesn’t explain people’s lived experiences. Some LTNs may not, but others unequivocally do, because each location has its own unique characteristics.

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It is disappointing that they did not seek to give their piece more balance by delving into this question further, relying only on the report from Professor Rachel Aldred.

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