MONEY TALK!! Being A Pórnstar vs Being a Fraudster In Nigeria – Who Makes More Money?


Hello Guys,

Let’s talk about something very important today – it’s a beautiful Monday and it should strictly be about “Money Talk“.

For some of you that can do anything stupid for Money, I think being a Pórnstar is even better than been a Fraudster and be doing Juju that can make you run mad or make you become miserable forever because you want to scam some innocent people or companies abroad.

I know being a Pórnstar is bad but being a Fraudster is worse and can end one’s career if caught but pórn has no much side effect other than people laughing at you because they’ve seen your nakedness but in the real sense of it, you are cashing out big time while they laugh at you.

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I Spoke With Some Pórnstars In Nigeria

In the last 3 weeks, I have reached out to some Top pórnsters from Nigeria. I found them on Xvideos (my d!ck almost wan cut comot when I was watching their videos, e strong die) 😃😃

The responses and proofs of earning I got from them is huge – they are making hell of money.

Pórnstar vs Yahoo Yahoo

Pórnstars might not earn as much as what the Yahoo! guys are making but at least EFCC won’t be looking for you and you don’t have to visit any Babalawo or baff any useless soap talk less of running mad 🤣🤣

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Just get a good location (apartment), get a fine girl and a really good guy that knows how to do the thing well – get the videos shot properly, edit it nicely, get it posted and boom, the dollar 💲💲💲 starts coming in!!!!

Pórn websites gets awesome Traffic, so be rest assured your content will get good views and you will earn good money 💰💰💰

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Well, we have a video interview coming up soon where we will be interviewing a top female Pórnstar who goes by the name “MAMI IGBAGBO” who will be sharing some insight about the industry with us.

You all should stay tuned!

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Do have a great new week – it will favor me and you 🙏

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