Anele Mdoda Narrate Meeting Serena Williams


South African media personality, Anele Mdoda took to social media to recount her meeting American tennis player, Serena Williams.

Taking to Instagram, Anele shared a photo she had with Serena after sitting beside her for hours in the plane. The reason behind the post was to celebrate the tennis player.

“Once upon a time, I was invited to a Serena Williams dinner and could not make it because of work. So I said to the guy hosting her please tell her I love her. Three days later I was flying to Paris and in the line there is the guy, I ask did you tell her I love her. He said tell her yourself and there stood Queen Serena. We sat next to each other all the way to Paris on Air France… well kinda next to each other. We both look tired… but happy !!!! Queen Serena,” Anele narrated.

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