Mogwai score first No 1 album after 25 years: 'It's totally surreal'


Scottish post-rockers reach top with 10th album As the Love Continues, with frontman Stuart Braithwaite saying, ‘It’s not the kind of thing that enters into our orbit’

Scottish post-rock band Mogwai have scored their first No 1 album, 25 years after the release of their first single.

As the Love Continues is the band’s 10th studio album of atmospheric guitar-centred music. Frontman Stuart Braithwaite, who also runs the tiny independent Rock Action label that releases their albums, told the Guardian it was “totally surreal, completely unexpected. At no one point ever has anyone even working with us said we’re going to have a No 1 album – it’s not the kind of thing that enters into our orbit.

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