Enugu State Sets Up Free Door-To-Door Healthcare Initiative For Senior Citizens


The Governor of Enugu State, Chief Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, has set up a free door-to-door medical initiative to take care of the health needs of the elderly in the state.

The initiative, ‘Gburus-Care’, is the first of its kind in the state and is led by Dr Melchizedek Ani and his team of medical doctors, medical laboratory scientists, nurses and pharmacists who visited Edem in Nsukka Local Government Area, recently.

The team moved from one home to another tending to the medical and health needs of aged persons and extending the love of the executive Governor of Enugu State.

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Explaining how the programme functions, Dr Ani said: ‘While the Nurses are responsible for checking the vital signs of the patients, the Medical laboratory scientists conduct tests such as Random Blood Sugar (RBS), Hepatitis B & C and Malaria Parasite using RDT. While the doctors would then consult and counsel the patient and prescribe medications that would then be dispensed to the patients by the Pharmacist.

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‘The medications were sorted to address recurrent health challenges of aged people such as Hypertension, High blood sugar, ulcer, arthritis, worm etc. Patients were also provided with multivitamins that would help boost their immunity against diseases. Patients, where necessary were also counseled and recommended higher medical attention or medications.

‘The mission, even though rigorous, proved to the aged people and others how much premium the governor of Enugu state places on the health of Ndi Enugu.’

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The technical assistant to Governor Ugwuanyi on Healthcare, Darlington Ugwuegbe, said that it was Governor Ugwuanyi’s love for the elderly that motivated him to deploy such number of healthcare professionals to tend to their medical needs.

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