How An Igbo Man Proposed To His Wife


A lady took to Twitter to reveal how her boyfriend who is Igbo proposed to her.

In her post, the lady revealed that her fiance at the time didn’t go through the conventional manner of proposing to women, but rather did it his own way.

Read her post below:

“Him: Nne, I’m in front of your house, come out, I’m waiting inside the car.

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Her: *Comes out and enters the car

Him: put on this ring and check if it’s your size

Her: *puts on the ring but it’s a bit oversized

Him: oya check this second one and see if it fits

Her: *wears the second ring and it fitted perfectly😊

Him: ngwanu, I will be going, greet your parents for me and give this plate of fried chicken to your sister.

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