Ayade Asks Nigerians To Explore Internal Tourism, Visit Local Tourist Sites


A photo collage of sites from Obudu cattle ranch and Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade.


Cross River State Governor Ben Ayade on Wednesday called on Nigerians to explore local tourist sites in the country and invest in the nation’s tourism.

The governor said Nigerians are the greatest spenders in terms of global tourism and challenges including COVID-19 restrictions and ban on international travel by some countries is an opportunity to stay back home and explore Nigeria’s tourist sites like Obudu Cattle Ranch.

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“Nigerians are the greatest spenders in terms of global tourism. We Nigerians account for the vibe and agility that you find in Dubai. Withdraw Nigerians from global tourism and it will see it drop by at least 25%.

“With the increasing challenges ranging from exchange rate fluctuations, it is obvious that Nigerians must now focus on local tourism.

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“It is time that Africans patronise themselves and Obudu Cattle ranch presents the opportunity for tourism within the country,” the governor said.

Speaking during a visit to Obudu Local Government Area of the state, Ayade further sought renewed patronage of the Obudu Ranch Resort which he said is undoubtedly is the best alternative for tourism outside Nigeria and other countries alike with no visa requirements, no exchange issues.

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“You have no visa requirement, you don’t have an exchange rate issue, no crisis issue in Rivers State, so why go somewhere else?,” he questioned.

The governor also called on the Federal government of Nigeria to make a deliberate policy statement on promoting tourism sites across Nigeria.


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