It Ends In Tears For Lasizwe And His Bae


It all ended in tears when comedian Lasizwe got dribbled by his new bae. In an Instagram live video with Lemi Locco, a heartbroken Lasizwe narrated what happened between him and his new bae.

Everything has come to an abrupt end just immediately after we began to cheer for Lasizwe and his bae. We won’t say we didn’t see this coming but who will wish for such a doom for his brother anyway. In an Instagram live video with Lemi Locco, Lasizwe narrated how he got dribbled by his new babe after he dropped him off at the airport to fly to Cape Town. On IG Live he said:
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I’ve never gowishad (gone through a lot) so much for a man. You leave him at the airport and then you just say cool let me go out with my friends, and then you bump into him at Great Dane. Lemi then asks him if he even tried to give him an explanation as to why would he lie about leaving for Cape Town, then Lasizwe says he did not. “When I saw him I was so shocked because you saw my stories that I was crying. You saw that I was going through the most. I felt like Oh My God I have lost a limb.

They have been together for six months after knowing each other for a year but Lasizwe does not believe it explain why he should break his heart like this.
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Even though our relationship was like 2 seconds old, I have known you for a good year and you have been trying to get with me for six months…I have given you a chance and we have been with each other for six months. I see you at Great Dane when I have dropped you off at the airport. For the flight that I booked for you.
Check out the reaction of her fans after they heard the news:
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