The new Medusa bags from Versace


The latest Versace bag collection is inspired by the house’s inspiration: Medusa.


Medusa is considered an icon of beauty. She was one of the most beautiful women in Athena, and everyone who looked at her wanted her. She was an example throughout history of a strong and self-confident woman. It manifested itself in ancient artworks as a symbol that repels negativity and attracts only positive atmospheres.

The head of Medusa has become one of the most famous symbols of the Versace brand. Each “La Medusa” bag is adorned with a Medusa’s head pin – the same pin found on the doors of the house on Via Gesu 12 : Versace’s first headquarters in Milan.

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A sea of ​​colors

La Medusa eats positivity with a spectrum of bold colors, but there is one color that has imprinted the collection the most, and that is DV Blue. Donatella Versace strived to create the perfect blue, inspired by nature to bring happiness to a woman.

In this regard, Donatella says, “Blue is my favorite color because, in my opinion, it symbolizes freedom. When I am at sea, I feel freedom. When I am surrounded by nature and a clear sky, I am overwhelmed with happiness and my worries and sorrows vanish. The world becomes blue.”

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Italian craftsmanship

Versace is proud to be an Italian brand, and all “La Medusa” handbags are crafted in Italy from the finest quality leather. The house chooses the softest leather to create simple, slouchy bags – exuding a contemporary, youthful spirit.

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