Make your own blotting paper to get rid of skin oils


If you have oily skin , you emit a lot of excess oils, and in the middle of the day you find that your skin is shiny and oily and your makeup is starting to run on your face. You should then use blotting paper or blotting paper , also known as blotting paper .

What is blotting paper?

For women who do not know what blotting paper is, it is a product that helps absorb excess oil into the skin and hold makeup for a longer period. There are many brands that produce this type of paper, but it often contains formulations rich in chemicals or other substances that may cause skin sensitivity . So, today we suggest you 3 easy ways to make fat absorbent paper with simple and inexpensive ingredients.

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How to prepare

You need:

  • Transparency “From the Library”
  • Loose powder or pressed


  • Take a transparent sheet of paper and bend it, then cut it with scissors into equal, rectangular pieces. You will find that the paper has two sides, the first is coarse and the second is smooth. We will use the rough side here.
  • After you finish cutting the paper, take a face powder (whatever type you use), and dip a sponge or blender into the lotion.
  • Start by wiping the rough side of the paper, and if you are using a loose powder, sprinkle some of it on the paper and then shake it off to get rid of the excess.
  • After you have finished with all of the cut sheets, put them in a small, clean makeup envelope or box, to keep them in your bag and use them throughout the day, while you are outdoors.
  • And so your blotting paper is ready. Whenever you feel that your skin has produced excess sebum, or it starts to show shine, use a sheet and press it on the skin, it will absorb all the sebum and remove the shine.
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