Ovation Group Gives N5, 000 Each To 1,004 Nigerians As Palliative


The Ovation Media Group has announced 1,004 winners of its Ovation palliative which is drawn from over 10,000 applications by Nigerians.

The Chairman of the Ovation Group, Chief Dele Momodu, noted that the process was designed and coordinated by an Information Technology guru, Ms. Farida Bedwei, in Accra, Ghana.

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He added that some of the palliatives had helped Nigerians to set up small-scale businesses in parts of the country.

“This rigorous process was designed and coordinated by an IT guru, Ms Farida Bedwei, in Accra, Ghana. Each of the winners will receive N5,000. This initiative started last year and it has received consistent support from kind donors who are mostly domiciled abroad. 

“We believe the government alone can't solve all problems. It is our responsibility to also support our fellow citizens. These palliatives will reach Nigerians in every part of the country.

“Since it was started last year, we've received good news about those who have set up small-scale businesses with the little we offered them. We are very grateful to our friends and partners. May God bless them mightily.”



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