A huge number of blossoms sprout across Dubai


Dubai is sprouted with a large number of blossoms at their squares, stops and round Anas. The Civic town said that The Dubai district has improved with 57 million blossoms a year ago. In all, 1.7 million square feet of public space was covered with beautiful blossoms.

In addition, Dubai is amplifying the green zones in the public spots of Dubai emirates. Generally, open spots, particularly detours and recreational areas, and are consistently creating, expanding, and administering these territories utilizing the best worldwide practices in the field of restorative farming.

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Dubai Municipality had reported that they have planted 10,000 Al Ghaf trees in 177 territories.

The Dubai Municipality had finished tree numbered in 177 territories since it started in 2017. The main stage completely focused up to 10000 in non-provincial zones.

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