God Of Iron Will Kill You’, Policeman Tells Arrested Protesters


One of the officers of the Lagos State Police Command, Saturday, told arrested protesters at the Lekki Tollgate in a video trending on Twitter that ‘god of iron will kill them.’

The officer said this while addressing the arrested protesters including Mr. Marcaroni. They were handcuffed and stripped of their shirts and singlets.

While one of the officers calmly asked them what they were thinking, an officer was heard cursing the arrested protesters in Yoruba language, “Ogun ma pa yin” (God of iron will kill you).

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Not deterred by the arrest of the first set, another group of peaceful unarmed protesters arrived at the Toll Plaza chanting, “How many people government go kill?”.

Although they sat on the ground to demand justice, they were also apprehended like their fellow protesters.

Meanwhile, other protesters who stayed indoor, took to Twitter to vent their disgust over the way the government chose to handle the issue.

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A tweeter.user, Idris @alomah, reacted to the arrest thus, “Nigeria will treat peaceful protesters this way yet pamper ‘repentant’ bandits for ‘surrendering’ ammunition. This country is a joke!”

Another Tweeter handle, Dharmie_Charmz @Precious_ayeni, wrote: “I don’t think peaceful protest can do the job again. Since they want to be mad in this country…let’s be mad together.. Make we scatter everything.. And rearrange it after everything has cleared.”

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