Digital space, a saving grace for showbiz — Martini


Tofarati Ige

Music enthusiast and the Chief Executive Officer of Tinimash Entertainment, Animashaun Martini, has said in the light of the constantly evolving music industry, hitting the limelight was now easier for artistes, as the digital space had provided a level playing ground for all.

He said, “I call the digital space a saving grace for the entertainment industry because it has been a positive catalyst to the progress of many entertainers. One does not need to go to any radio or TV station to advertise one’s work before one is known.

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“You can see how social media has become a way of showcasing one’s craft to the world with no protocols. One can make a post on social media and in the twinkle of an eye, it could turn into a trending topic.”

Martini also noted that consistency, flexibility and perseverance were the values behind his brand’s longevity. He added, “I have learnt to be consistent, flexible and persevering. These are important values for someone who has set their sight on achieving big things. One must have it in mind that one is building a legacy. Perseverance and consistency would help one to survive the test of time. To thrive in this digital generation, flexibility and adaptability are greatly required. One has to give it one’s all and be flexible enough to change.”

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Recalling how his interest grew from working on computers, the entertainment executive said, “If not for digitisation, I would not have pictured myself as an actor. I would have been a programmer but when things changed and the industry ushered in the digital age, I realised I had an edge. I also delved into moviemaking and digital marketing. The motivation to become an actor arose from the content I created for people and how it paid off for them. I decided to try it out for myself. For me, everything is connected and I can multitask seamlessly without stress.”

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