Valentine Season and Emotional Branding


Valentine Season

It is the season of love and despite the issues of COVID-19 pandemic; we can still say we have it better, in this part of the world. At least, there is no forced lockdown or restrictions on social interactions. With all that happened in the last one year, no thanks to the pandemic, Valentine’s Day gives brands another opportunity to enrich their connections with their customers through emotional branding.

Emotional branding is all about building meaningful connections with customers and making them feel loved and nurtured. Each year, Valentine’s Day brings an opportunity for people to make the day extra special for their loved ones, and for brands to capitalize on the believers of love, and go out of their way to heighten the sentiments for them.
Brands that know how to pluck at the heartstrings of people, and connect with them emotionally are the real deal. These brands do their homework very well, and hit the scene with a host of mesmerizing Valentine’s Day packages. Such brands know it is always a win-win for brands and customers. They go out of their way and spend extra on campaigns, to elicit customer engagement, capitalize on the feelings of happiness and love surrounding Valentine’s Day, and capture the customers’ hearts (and, of course, their pockets).

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One Valentine’s season, a couple of years back, leading Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand, Tastee Fried Chicken (TFC), with a little touch of ingenuity swelled its emotional capital with its customers. That love season, TFC produced a well branded Compact Disc (CD) compilation of 16 evergreen love songs (with necessary copyright permission) and handed these out to their customers. This resulted in an unprecedented emotional connection between the brand and its customers.. The novel idea drove traffic of customers to TFC’s outlets, spiked sales and further etched the brand into the soft spots of its customers’ hearts.

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There are brands we swear to defend with our last breaths and there are brands we wish we would never have to contend with. What customers aspire for is an emotional connection; an ability to connect with what’s behind the brand, and what’s behind the promise. Customers are defined by human needs, such as ego-gratification, security, power, and love, among others. These subconscious emotion-based needs are leveraged by marketers to appeal to consumers. Successful companies aspire to build their brand by appealing to a consumer’s emotional aspirations, needs, and state, putting the needs of the consumers ahead of the products. Not only does this newly formed bond between the consumers and a brand nurtures brand loyalty, it makes consumers feel a sense of trust with brands.

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Since its Valentine’s season, love is in the air, and Cupid is thrashing about with arrows notched. If any brand wants its customers to fall and remain in love with it, the brand has to show the customers what sets it apart from other brands jostling for their attention and acceptance. That brand has to appeal to the customers’ emotions, depicting by its actions how they are always in its mind, and how it is willing to go out of its way to prove it to them.
Last line: While I can offer up plenty of Valentine’s Day campaign ideas, why not leverage your existing brand elements to leave a lasting impact, and help imprint your business in the backs of your customers’ minds for good. You can make the customers fall in love with your brand this season by concocting a love potion with your offerings.


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