The Diary of a Young Executive: ABRAHAM JOHN ONOJA



What was the last thing you did that requires courage?
Ans: To me, having courage means dealing and overcoming extraordinary challenges. It never dawned on me that every day I demonstrate bravery, but we all do. In fact, even though we aren’t necessarily facing tough physical challenges like climbing a mountain, we deal with a variety of obstacles and a multitude of fears as a part of our daily lives. And for the most part, we dismiss our ability to overcome these, as not worthy of acknowledgement. Therefore, challenging the status quo is something I have consistently done over the years that requires courage, although you want to ensure you’re not seen as always being negative, you do want to challenge the status quo when appropriate. It’s courageous to offer different ideas to stimulate new thinking.

What have you done recently for the first time?
Ans: I’ve had to wear a mask for longer hours. Other than that, in light of current realities, I’m doing a lot that’s new these days. Looking at Covid19’s gift and curse, I had the opportunity to connect with old friends and talk more often to my family.

What is your favourite quote/personal mantra?
Ans: My favourite quote/Personal mantra is ‘’If you don’t dream it, you can’t live it!
What is the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?
Ans: The driving force behind a morning routine that encourages you to get out of bed and achieve your goal should be the first thing you do in the morning. For me, meditating for a few minutes would be the first thing I do after my morning prayers, and at this point, I acknowledge my gratitude and intentions for the day. It enables me to think more efficiently and effectively, thus helping me achieve a more productive day.

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Who is your mentor and what valuable lessons have you learnt from him/her? (influential teacher or popular expert)
Ans: I’ve been fortunate to have several knowledgeable mentors who helped me grow in all ramification. In my experience, mentors are a fantastic way to gain insight into where your career may lead. A strong relationship with a mentor has helped me challenge myself, to improve and grow. One of the lessons learnt from Abraham Lincoln is ‘’ Dare to be different’’

Is there anything that you wish you understand more about, and what is it?

Ans: Socrates said: “I know one thing: that I know nothing.” I wish I could read someone’s mind. While listening to people, talking to them or while hearing about some situations, I really wonder what went through a person’s mind that s/he took an extreme step or said something different, may be something which I didn’t expect at all. Sometimes, I think what made a person do something that is not required, what was the intention. Basically, I want to know the answers for the reason behind one’s actions, the thought process. Inadvertently, my mind invests lots of time in thinking about one’s thoughts behind one’s actions, my life would become much easier if I can read one’s BRAIN !!

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How would you define success?
Ans: Success, for me, has always been about earnestly making a difference in the lives of others. If I know that my work helped turn their lives around for the best at the end of the day, then I sleep well at night and wake up eager to start work the next day all over again.
Is/Are there any ideas in your head that you can’t really seem to shake off?
Ans: It would be how to improve the culture of reading and writing in society in general, with more emphasis on quality education.

In your opinion, what is worth paying for? Education, Holidays, Good Food…?
Ans: In the idea of creating a more sustainable world, with economies that are stable communities that are more just and inclusive. A difficult but not unattainable target if we can count on the involvement of governments, institutions, businesses, and, above all, a responsible and committed public is education. Education will bring change to many of the systemic factors that have contributed to the delay in poor communities’ development. Education also has a documented effect on health, nutrition, economic development and on environmental protection. This factor can eliminate all forms of poverty because “scientia potestas est” is a Latin aphorism meaning ‘Knowledge is power’. It means that knowledge is more powerful than physical strength or ability and no great work can be done without knowledge. Knowledge is a very powerful factor that empowers people achieve great outcome which is cordial with Sustainable development goal 4 (Quality education).

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Tell us about WIN and what you hope to achieve with it?
Ans: The Writers Interactive Network is a literary society comprising writers who came together for the sole purpose of interactively learning, helping, leaning on each other and exploring ways to improve writing skills. The network was founded with a vision of becoming every writer’s wing, reaching out to humanity and re-enchanting the world through winning writings and expressions. Its mission is to provide writers with a creative platform for creativity and expressions to flourish; contribute to the growth and development of writing; and impact the society we live in; to help writers grow and win in every creative space in a borderless world. This network’s aim is bringing together writers of poetry, song, script, etc. to express themselves freely, a platform from which many people have benefitted in order to achieve impactful objectives in society.


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