Give a valuable gift this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is here again but it will not be like any other year for many couples who usually look forward to celebrating this special day of love across the globe.

This year, it is important to appreciate the pleasure of observing yet another Valentine’s Day together or apart in good health and make the day as memorable as possible in a special way too.

Why not get creative and find the perfect way to mark the day with your loved ones, make it fun and meaningful and pay less emphasis on physical gifts and create a memorable experience this year.

Make it a family valentine

This Valentine’s Day creates a whole new experience and make it a family affair so that your spouse and children can feel loved and special too. Simple things matter in life and marriage. Therefore, use this day to celebrate the love of family and get the children in a celebration mood too. It is also a good time to demonstrate the strength of love within the family by getting everyone to write a short poem or sentence about what love mean to each one of you. Simple expressions of love and memories shared together will certainly be valuable moments for years to come.

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Seek forgiveness this Valentine

Many couples struggle in their marriages because they are still holding on to painful and long-standing conflicts. If your marriage has been plagued with anger and resentment due to a past mistake, do not allow the situation to ruin this Valentine’s Day. Love is taking responsibility for one’s mistakes so that you can experience the needed forgiveness. A strong relationship can only be attained when couples are sensitive to one another’s feelings.

Seek clarity in the right atmosphere

The success of marriage is not determined by the number of years but the capability of a couple to share their thoughts and fears with each other during challenging times. Perhaps you have been looking for the right time to have ask your spouse some mind-bending questions about your marriage or share your concerns about a situation affecting your marriage.

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This Valentine’s Day is a great day to take the bold step and open an honest conversation in the interest of the love you share so that you can learn to build trust and understanding which forms the experiences towards a lasting marital relationship.

Appreciate those who matter

Even if you or your spouse are not great fans of Valentine’s Day, you can still create your own values around the occasion and use it to show appreciation to people who deserve it especially during this period. Valentine’s Day does not have to be about receiving alone but giving in ways that is impactful. Look for people within your community who have been selflessly giving their time to serving others during this difficult time. Appreciate your local supermarket assistant, market woman, security guards, newspaper vendor and others who risk their lives daily to meet your needs. They are the true heroes of love who do not often get the recognition they deserve. Let them experience love in a special way through a gift and card but do it within coronavirus safety guidelines too.

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