NL LISTS!!! Top 10 DJs You Must Work With As An Artiste In 2021


DJ’s are an important part of the Music industry and as an Artiste, if you are not investing in Mixtape when promoting your new song, this post will open your eyes to a new reality.

In 2020 alone, each mixtape from these listed DJ’s received an average of 1.3 Million downloads and over 500,000+ Streams on digital stores.

A Number most top Playlists on widely used Music platforms were unable to get.

DJs have a special way of making songs gain deep penetration in Campuses, Malls, Petrol Stations, Carnival organisers, Restaurants and among the age demography of 24 to 50 who rely heavily on Mixtapes to listen to new and trending songs.

So, if you are an Artiste and you want your song to penetrate deeply and go viral, you need to consider Mixtape promotion for your song.

As Nigeria’s music visited music blog, below are some DJ’s pulling the most numbers as far as Mixtape downloads are concerned in Nigeria right now.

NOTE:- You might be surprised some DJ’s with big names are not on this list, that’s because they don’t matter much on the street. Forget the hype and noise.

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Below Are Top 10 DJs You Must Work With As An Artiste In 2021 👇

10. DJ YK

The name DJ YK is a popular name in Nigeria’s music industry space.

DJ YK is a talented Disc Jockey and a music producer who has a way of infusing his beat-making skills into his mixtapes to make it superb🔥🔥.

This is the only Nigerian DJ that has a record of making a beat/instrumental a hit on the street.

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Working with DJ YK to promote your new song this 2021 will surely bring about a good result.

9. DJ Chicken

This DJ has been in the core street for long and he has personally made a good number of street songs gain huge penetration with his mixtapes.

Fondly known with his signature tune “Kukuru”, DJ Chicken is so versed on the wheels of steel when it comes to stringing songs together on a tempo that will get you on a dancing mood.

If you have a song and you want your the song to hit deep in the core street, DJ Chicken should be part of your plan.

8. DJ Spirit

It’s never a dull moment whenever you have DJ Spirit on the turn-table.

He is popularly known on the street for making dope mixtapes suitable to be played at any party, carnivals or clubs.

Some big artistes and music promoters in Nigeria’s music industry who knows how deep penetration of songs work in Nigeria don’t job with DJ Spirit.

Apart from his skills on the turn-table, the promotional value of working with him as an artiste cannot be over-emphasized.

7. DJ OP Dot

The Young and Vibrant DJ OP Dot has carved a local niche for himself when it comes to promoting local talents in his jurisdiction (Ogun State) and he’s bossing seriously on it.

OP Dot is the most active DJ in Nigeria in 2020 judging by the number of mixtapes released within a span of one year, working with him means you have Songs on many Mixtapes that span across the world.

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He’s definitely young and getting it right!!! DJ OP Dot – I Love You!!!

6. DJ 4Kerty

With his ZANKU Affiliation, DJ 4Kerty is one of the street DJ gaining heavy momentum presently.

He has a couple of viral mixtapes with over millions of downloads on Naijaloaded.

DJ 4Kerty understand what works and the perfect titling of his mixtapes is one of the key features of this DJ.

We’ve heard many success stories from a couple of artists that have worked with him.


5. DJ Kentalky

Another worthy of mentioning on this list is the NaijaFM official turn table machine, DJ Kentalky.

Street Penetration and credibility are the two things that kept DJ Kentalky ahead of this Mixtape promotion game.

His longevity in the industry has given him some needed experience to fly any artiste he lays his hands-on with the necessary mixtape plugs.


4. DJ Kaywise

DJ Kaywise has unarguably been the most worked with DJ by an Artiste in the past few years, but now he’s only available for the high budgeted artistes.

With his Soundcity Radio FM influence, DJ Kaywise  has been the one behind success stories of many viral songs with serious rotations on the most listened to FM in Lagos.

DJ Kaywise Joor O! is an undisputed force when it’s come to DJ promotions.

3. DJ Baddo

If you’re looking for one DJ that is Bad on the street and also online, that DJ is DJ Baddo.

This DJ has maintained the top spot as one of the most sought of after DJs in Nigeria from days of physical promotion of music and mixtapes to this era of the internet.

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He is one of the Nigerian DJs that made the effectiveness of mixtapes and special mixtapes in song promotion clear to everyone.

DJ Baddo has been involved in making the countless number of Nigerian songs a hit with the efforts he puts in his mixes and distribution of his mixtapes.

2.DJ Real

Emir of Alaba” as his popularly known wasn’t just giving to him for nothing sake, during the era of Alaba Mix DJ Real has been running things.

Until now, the Digital Era, DJ Real has established himself as one of the go-to DJs when talking about mixtape promotion in Nigeria as his mixtapes do cut across many states in the Nation and in the diaspora.

1. DJ Lawy

The latest sensational disc jockey, DJ Lawy has been a force to reckon since he came into limelight with his amazing African drum inclination into his mix.

The African Drum Master, DJ Lawy “Kukunshua” has established himself in the music industry as the first go-to DJ by many fast-rising artistes in the Nation due to its mixtapes penetration on the street.

If you want a spike in your musical career in 2021, then DJ Lawy should be on your budget.

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