“We Dated For 4 Days Before Getting Married” – Couple Reveal Ahead Of Their 5th Anniversary (Video)


A very happy woman has recently taken to Twitter to claim that she and her husband dated online for only four days before getting married.

She said they got engaged on the 5th day via Skype then their wedding held 6 months later.

The wife said they met in person once but she was in a relationship with her baby daddy at the time and the man was also in a relationship.

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The man then went back to his home country, sent her a friend request on Facebook and they dated for 4 days online. On the 5th day, they got engaged via Skype.

They married when they were both 21 and now have two children (one the woman had from her previous relationship and one they have together).

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They will celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary in June.

The woman, who owns a YouTube Channel, said people don’t have to date for too long to know their partner is the one.

See her tweets and video below:


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