RIGHT OF REPLY: My Letter to Femi Fani-Kayode


RIGHT OF REPLY: My Letter to Femi Fani-Kayode

By Hamilton Odunze

  1. Femi Fani-Kayode, you are auditioning for a free Mar-a-Lago membership, which you will not get. In your support for Trump, you have displayed your complete ignorance of the political dynamics in the United States. You have continued to deceive and mislead the easily gullible ones. Unfortunately, you might continue to succeed, but only if people with knowledge and facts stay silent.

I will not be among them, and I have done everything within my power to avoid the temptation of joining in your rantings on Twitter and Facebook. I took solace in the fact that you— Fani-Kayode — do not have the power to rewrite American history. For instance, you cannot rewrite the fact that Donald J. Trump has stumbled into the history books as the worst American president – ever. This is not surprising to me and many others because he was not qualified to do the job from day one.

Consider, for instance, Trump’s background. He grew up in New York with a wealthy father and inherited in excess of $400 million when his father died in 1999. Yet, his net worth in 2020 barely inched up beyond his inheritance (see Bloomberg). His mismanagement has resulted in his filing of eight (and counting) bankruptcies since 1999: Trump Airlines, Trump Atlantic City and New York, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Castle and Casino, Trump Entertainment, Trump Steak, Trump Wine and Trump Water.

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Trump is also involved in more than 3,800 lawsuits, some of which include accusations of rape. Mr. Fani-Kayode, the bitter truth is that an African American with a record as dismal as Trump’s would hardly get a job in the grocery store let alone become the U.S. president. In the broader scheme of things, Trump was simply not qualified to be in the Oval Office.

Consider also Trump’s historic aberrations. American presidents have always allowed the American people to access all aspects of their lives such as education. In contrast, Trump is the first president in American history to threaten to sue his schools, from high school to university, if they release his transcripts. He is also the only American president in modern times, not to release his tax returns. Mr. Fani-Kayode, as a lawyer, everyone would assume that you are intelligent enough to question what Trump is hiding.

Now, let me address the main reason why you profess your open support for Trump and your support purportedly has to do with Christian faith. In fact, this is where you reveal an astounding level of ignorance. The idea that Trump is a Christian sent by God to save the world is a myth created by Q-Anon, the Ku Klux Klan, and white evangelicals for their own selfish interests. White evangelicals’ support for Trump in the last (lost) election had nothing to do with Christian values, but rather white fragility. Their support is based on a fear of changing American demographics to the point where in only one term after the election of the first black president, the first black female vice president was elected. This is why white evangelicals are angry and fanatical in their support for Trump.

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Unfortunately, Mr. Fani-Kayode, you do not understand this or you willfully refuse to understand the situation because you want a free Mar-a-Lago membership. Ask Michael Cohen, Anthony Scaramucci, OmorosaManigault Newman, Rex Tillerson, and even Mike Pence where the road goes from serving Trump: plunging downward.

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Baseless support

It is sad to count you, Mr. Fani-Kayode, among the many Nigerians who supported Trump without a complete understanding. They believed their pastors who told them that Trump has come to save the world.

In an effort to understand the baseless support that Trump received from Nigerian Pentecostal Christians, it became clear to me that the belief of these Christians has been largely shaped by White evangelicals working with mega-church pastors, such as Chris Oyakhilome, Bishop David Oyedepo, Tunde Bakare, Enoch Adeboye and many more. This is a deception and a form of mental colonisation.

For me, as a Christian, I cannot in good conscience support a president who used his power to separate more than 5,400 migrant children, including infants, from their families at the US-Mexico border. At this time, 570 of these infants have not been reunited with their families because of tracing difficulties. On this point, I concluded that supporting Trump is like supporting the Egyptian Pharaoh or Herod who forcefully separated and killed children because he feared the birth of the eternal king.

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