Sulaimon Olooru: Police Are Clueless About Handling Killer Fulani Herders


Sulaimon Olooru, first son of the Seriki Fulani of Eggua community in the Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State, Adamu Olooru, has said the Nigeria Police are clueless about curtailing the criminal activities of killer Fulani herders across the country.

He said a new approach must be devised to fight the murderous nomads for peace to reign in the country.

Adamu told SaharaReporters in an exclusive interview on Monday in Eggua.

Speaking about his ordeal in the last few days, Sulaimon noted that the Nigeria Police had merely been fighting the killer Fulani herdsmen with theories with no practical improvements to show for it.

“I just left a meeting in Aiyetoro now. We had a meeting with the police. We have had a series of meetings like that in the past which yielded no successful results. Personally, I think the Nigeria Police cannot handle these criminal Fulanis. They don’t know what to do,” Sulaimon said.

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He said the police do not even act on intelligence given to them prior to an attack and would rather wait for people to get killed before they respond.

“When we hear about the possibility of an attack or assault that might come from the nomads, we inform the police. But all that they tell you is to write a report. In most of these cases, they are even endangering the lives of people that give the information.

“In the end, they won’t make any moves until the incident has happened. And, they don’t arrest the criminals, instead, they will be asking you if you can identify one of the criminals. Who has the courage to identify criminals with guns and dangerous weapons?”

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According to him, the lasting solution to the persistent crisis between farmers and herders in the country is that each region of the country should either manage their territory or break away.

“Honestly, I’m fed up with this crisis. I think what is best for all of us is to manage the land in each state or region by ourselves. Or, let regions break away in Nigeria if that will help us.

“I’m begging you, help us to tell the Nigerian government that if the police cannot handle insecurity in the country, we should go our separate ways.”

Sulaimon’s father, Seriki Fulani of Eggua, Adamu Olooru, recently fled the community after his house and a Fulani settlement where cattle were sold in the area, were burnt by some youths.

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An Ibadan-based rights activist, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, had stormed Eggua with his lieutenants to assist the residents of the troubled community drive out Fulani herdsmen, whom they had blamed for the incessant kidnappings, killings and farm destructions in their area.

Shortly after Igboho’s visit, the residence of Olooru was set ablaze as he was blamed for doing nothing about the criminal activities perpetrated by killer Fulani herders in the area.

Sulaimon told SaharaReporters that his father had relocated to Abeokuta following the incident.

He, however, did not disclose the area where his father moved to in Abeokuta.

Source:- Sahara Reporters


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